Deciding Whether to Drive My Gelding

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Jun 29, 2004
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I really want ot drive my gleding since he is a geldinbg i think it would be good for him to have something to do since he doesnt breed...this is the reason why i am debating it..He is very unpredicatable and get spooked very suddenly, he once had a sled behind hima nd he took off he was terrified I really dont want this happening wiht a cart as i dont want hhim to get seriously injured..Has anyone had a horse like this they trained for driving or a horse that was bad at first ie taking off witht he cart. Should i be rttraining him to drive is it because hes imature??hes 4 but seems ot be getting smarter by age. Please give me oyur you think he would make a good show driving hrose for local shows and stuff??I updated my webpage!!:)Thanks again!
sorry guys wrong forum oops i am so sorry i movedit to the mini forum please disregard this one and dont answer it:)

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