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Dec 5, 2002
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If anyone has heard from Debra Gee please contact me. I am sooooo worried about her and all of her animals. Thanks
Hi there,

No one has heard from Debra since early last week. She was determined to stay and not leave her precious animals... I have been trying to get any information about her situation, but so far we have received no word... She and I have been very good friends for several years.. She had several of my sweet horses I had sold her over the years.... We are keeping her in our prayers. We are on standby and if she needs anything we will be there...If you are anyone hears anything whether good or bad please let me know .... thanks and or hearts go out to everyone ..... Also we are located in Texas- just north of Houston and have room for 2 or 4 legged friends... if anyone needs help... we can be reached at 281 593 1559
Thanks Bev,

I will let you know if I hear anything from her. I am trying to find out how bad Montegut LA was hit. I figured she would stay with her animals. I am worried because I know that she is home alone a lot.

We have been friends for years. It started out with purchasing a bunch of our mares that we bred. She loves them all so much. Our friendship grew from there. I hope God is looking after her.

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