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Jun 3, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
Think John & Charlotte should have won the first time around? Vote for them now at 1-866-613-0002--the "dance off" is on for another 1/2 hour, and then voting will end 15 minutes after that. Check it out & vote! Each number is allowed 5 votes. (It's hard to get through. I have one vote in so far.)

Oh, Kelly's phone number to vote for her.....? Who cares.
866-613-0001 for Kelly.

Sorry, I liked Kelly the first time 'round. I even preferred her tonight.

My problem with John is that I can't seem to get past his commedian's face. However, I felt he did a FANTASTIC job tonight with the lifts and really stretching himself physically. The freestyle, I felt was a bit of an over-hammed disappointment and they should have concentrated more on dancing instead of trying to tell a story.

I have to agree with Heidi. I also liked Kellys performance. They were both good, but I voted for Kelly.

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