could someone do a lookup for me please

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Jan 9, 2004
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Shawnee, Oklahoma
Could someone look to see if Wicasa Cicala is registered with either registry please?

I located this stallion at a farm that raises big horses. He has been used as a mascot for the farm. He is beautiful. It is a shame he has never been shown. If there are papers available on this horse I would love to know.

I am trying to decide whether or not to go ahead and get him and hardship him.

If he already has papers, that clinches it, I'll definitely get him.


He isn't registered in any registry connected with AMHR. I checked both names separately also. Nothing.
Thank You!

I'm going to go look at him a little closer tomorrow and see if I can find out if there are papers on him. I saw him today but not closely enough to really look at him. He is a sorrel pinto stallion, 8 years old. The people weren't home and I wouldn't go into anyone's pasture without their permission, I left hem a note and they called me this evening. I can look at him tomorrow afternoon.

I think he may be registered in some registry because the lady that owns him is the one that told my friend that was his name but they've never callled him that, they call him Little Man.

Thanks again,


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