Cooler Weather and Bucking Broncos

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Mar 7, 2005
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Southside, VA
The heat wave broke yesterday and it was much much cooler. I think our high only got to 85. I didn't realize how lethargic the horses had been in the heat but when I went out yesterday afternoon to top off the water tank, they all decided it was the spookiest thing in the world.

Horses and goats went flying across the pasture bucking and kicking and snorting. They came back and took off again and then stopped about fifteen feet away, all arched necks and blowing! It was so good to see them feeling good for a change.
Oh yes!!! The same over here in MI!! I thought it was just my guys!! LOL!! Just to ask somthing alittle off topic but did you say you have minis and goats together? Just woundering how they get along and have you had any close calls?

But anyway.... YAH to the cooler weather!!!

Yep!!! I live right near Cindy and our horses are rejoicing in this cool weather. I was just telling Cindy that I saw Khaki charging around early yesterday morning and at first thought something was chasing her. Maybe she was just living up to her name (Triple H BUCKIN Khaki)
Mine are doing the same, just having a great time.
I also have goats with my minis. Of course-minis rule
No problems.
I admit that I have an unusual set up in many ways. My ex husband keeps the mares at his farm about a mile away and I keep the stallions and right now the geldings at my house. I also have Nigerian Dwarf Goats. All are pastured together but I feed the goats separately as they won't let the stallions eat if I don't lock them up. The geldings will run them off but the two stallions just fight a losing battle trying to get their heads in the feed bowls. They will nudge the goats out every once in awhile but have never bitten at them. They tried doing the stallion thing, ears back, teeth bared, pawing at the ground but either the goats don't understand horse or they learned quickly that it was a bluff.

When they are out in the pasture the goats tend to stay pretty close to the horses which makes me feel better in case a fox or a dog got in with them. Of course, like any herd, if one spooks, be it horse or goat, they all take off. I have also learned not to try to drive in the pasture with the goats loose. Every time I stop, they jump up on the cart.
A couple of pictures of Buck and the goats in the pasture. Mosaic was running and bucking and Buck was watching her until I came out with the camera. I'm happy to say he thinks I am slightly more interesting than the goats.


I keep my goats (brush) and minis together no problem during grazing time. I seperate them for feeding because my goats get a feed with some type of pellets for toxic something or other (brain burp right now) in it. Also when my goats give birth I seperate them - almost had a kid stepped on by my stallion first year.

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