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Aug 17, 2003
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Morson, Ontario, Canada
We have in the past had a page with mini people that offered colostrum so that anyone in need could look for something in their area. Does such a thing exist for this year again? (I had an email inquiry and didn't know how to reply)

If there is nothing organized, and people are willing to participate for this year, let's all post here in this thread, if you have any available. We can pin it so people can easily access it.

You need to milk your mares prefably within the first 12-24 hours of foaling for the best colosrum. (It won't run your foals short) It can/should be frozen in about 1 oz sizes...either in a zip loc baggie with extra air taken out, or in ice cube trays to freeze, then put in a plastic baggie to help keep fresh. They can be used for up to 2 years. When defrosting, or warming, NEVER use a microwave as it will kill all the "good stuff" needed to save your foal's life! Be sure to mark the year and the mare's name from which it came, as well as the amount in the baggie or cube.

Even if you wish not to share, it's good to have this on hand for yourself! But of course, taking a little from each of your mares foaling could help save a foal's life, and you never know when the favor may need to be returned.

In a perfect world, we wouldn;t need this, but sadly, many foals are lost each year because they don;t get their required colostrum.

GOOD LUCK to all and BEST WISHES for a SUCCESSFUL foaling season!!
I always have a few little clear plastic film containers in my freezer. Some is even older than 2 years and would not be quite as good but might save a life so I do not throw it away.

I am in Southwest Wyoming if anyone near here might need any.

One year quite a few years back I gave all I had to a POA foal whose mom totally rejected her and it saved her life. I try to get some from my most agreeable mares each year.

Susan O.
I would be one of the first to sign up. I feel this is a very worthwhile thing to do. Is there anyone else interested in doinga Colostrum Bank for those people in their area? I think not only should this be announced everywhere but those interested in doing this type of service should also have it listed on their link that they are invovled with this service. The thought that you lost a future "Champion" since there was no colostrum would be very sad. I would be very interested in finding out how many Lil Beginning members are interested. Robin from ROKO mentioned that no one was interested in signing up for it last year. this has to be a yearly acknowledgment from those interested. Time is always at the essense when a foal needs colostrum and there is not time to find out that the person in your area is no longer doing it. I would be willing to work with whoever wants to participate and do the website or page to help get the information out there and whatever else is needed.
I would do it again, IF there is interest!

I kept mentioning it HERE and asking (begging) for people to pledge their colostrum. I was ignored. If people are not willing to pledge, there is no bank! And I think only one person emailed me last year.

I lost all of that great info when I lost my old computer and old website.

IF there is interest, I WOULD make a new page and start posting here asking for people to join up.

ALL it takes is your info and saying you have some stored that you are willing to give to someone who needs it.

I KNOW PEOPLE SAVE IT, so I don't understand why people were not willing to help OUR colostrm bank be a success.

Mona, can you start a poll please? Asking if people do or don't want a bank and IF they are willing to give colostrum?
Robin, there's no need for a poll, all they have to do is post to this thread if they are willing. As far as that goes, whether or not there is a special web page doesn't matter either, just so long as there is SOMEWHERE to find out, and at least for now, until something better comes along, this wiull work. It's not like everyone has to participate...anywhere/anything is better than nowhere/nothing. Even if only 3 people respond, those 3 are better than none.
Well, shouldn't there be a webpage as the SOMEWHERE for people to go to? Yes 3 people willing is better than none at all. But it is hard to ship frozen colostrum (and it still be good) if you are in NJ and the closest person that has some in in WA.

That's why I say the MORE people, the better.
I was trying to have something big enough to help everyone in need.

I was trying to be the "something better coming along". But if you don't think there is need of a webpage made (as I offered) and you feel that this thread is enough, then I'll step back.

Sorry but I get passionate about things I care about.

Robin, I did not say you can't'shouldn't make a web page...feel free if you want. What I meant was that if you didn't feel having only a few people participating warranted making a web page for it, they we could just have them post here. Whatever, it doesn't matter WHERE it is, as l;ong as there is somewhere for them to turn, and yes, of course the more the merrier!
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What I'm saying is, I DID have two web pages for the bank. And the pledged colostrum got old and no one else bothered. Pages with out of date colostrum didn't do anyone any good.

Makes me feel good to know that a few people DID care!

It's just that I think that if someone posts a thread here, that thread will sink & be gone within a day.

I just thought a poll to know if there was enough interest in trying again, then I'd know if I should do it or not.
I don't know how, that's why I asked you if you would LOL!!

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