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Jan 7, 2004
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Hampshire, Tn
I have a black horse that I would like to darken up a bit....Does the color enhancer shampoos really work.

I only have a couple of days, so I need something that works fairly quick. Any Suggestions???


Editied to say: The body is what I need to darken...the mane and tail are fine. You know when you clip a dark horse for the first time in the year...they tend to be dull or a grey type of color. He has the little black spots all over...true pigment and I am trying to darken him a little till his true color comes in.
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I've always used "Carr & Day & Martin's Colour Enhancing Shampoo Dream Coat for Black Horses" for my deep brown stud and I think it works very well. Does it really make them blacker? Not really. They definately enhance what is there but I don't think they work to significantly blacken hair that quickly. It sure brings out the shine and makes them smell VERY nice, but I wouldn't count on any enhancing shampoo to blacken a horse in a matter of days. Now, WHITE horses can certainly be whitenned in a few days with a good color enhancing for white's shampoo.
If it is body, you could use a black enhancing shampoo. If it is mane and tail, you will have to condition and dye them (if they are element worn, sun, wind, winter, etc.)
I use quicksilver for the white horses (which we have plenty of here, making the bathing and keeping them clean just that much harder) and ive used a few other brands and i have found that the color enhancing shampoos really do not "foam" and soap sud up very much. Normally i would wash the body, M & T with a regular shampoo and then go back over with the color enhancing shampoo.
What you could do since your pressed for time and if you don't have color enhancer shampoo available......get some human hair Cholesterol Hair Cream Conditioner. It's sold in beauty supply places(often in the ethinic hair section) and pretty reasonable price. Make sure it's a creamy beige don't want any dyes in the cholesterol....just the plain stuff. It comes in like a plastic jar type container and you just scoop it out with your hands.

You can apply this generously to a clipped coat and let it set on the horse for 1/2 hour or whatever you and your horse can tolerate because they need to stand and not rub it off.... ....the idea is your getting the oils in the horse hair to come about to bring out the natural pigment color. Rinse your horse very well, dry and then put a body slinky on your horse which would help even more to get that color back in. It works on a bay so should on a black horse.

Good luck!
I use the color enhancing shampoos and have found that on a white horse they work fantastic, but on a dark horse you really have to have a good feeding program in place. The dark color enhancing shampoos do not add any color I can see except on my hands
. Sunflower seeds have worked great for us to get that deep color and shine on their coats, along with a good feed. We feed Purina Omalene, but there are other good feeds out there with all the needed vitamins. Here are a couple of pictures of our dark horses.



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