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Mar 3, 2008
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I have a miniature horse colt that I've never had any issues with. Until Saturday. That afternoon he suddenly jumped forward, passed gas, then threw himself onto the ground and started violently rolling back and forth. Then he started rocking front and back with his legs crumpled beneath him. He got up again, then went down and repeated the process. After less than a minute he suddenly stiffened. His limbs were sticking out straight. He looked dead - like a horse who's had rigor mortis set in. After another minute he got up but his legs where vibrating, they were shaking so badly.

Then he sobered up, walked forward, stuck his head down and started grazing like nothing had happened.

It was so frightening and bizarre.

Later, after I spoke to the vet, I went out to catch him to give him 2cc of Banamine, since the vet thought it could be colic. He moved forward away from me, and his front legs collapsed beneath him and he fell forward and started rolling again. He only rolled twice then he was up again, his butt rocked back, forelegs stretched out as if he was bowing. Then he stepped forward, let me catch him and he has been fine ever since.

He had a good refill time. His gums are nice and pink. His skin goes back to normal quickly if I pinch it. He had good gut sounds And he defecated with normal stool about 15 minutes later.

I've seen colic before. Lots of colic. Mild, moderate, and severe, but this was like nothing I've ever witnessed before. The vet later said just to keep an eye on him and haul him in if there were any other signs of trouble. There've been none.

I'm clueless! Any ideas?
I would treat him as a young horse with GAS COLIC who doesn't handle pain very well! I would also give him preventative ulcer meds.
I've never hear of that before but I hope he gets better soon.
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Sounds like he may have ulsers! Run it by your vet!
I think the only way you are going to find the answer is with a vet visit. Could be a head injury, colic, West Nile, EPM, dozens of things. I had a colt once who would throw himself to the ground violently and repeatedly rolling and thrashing around when he got rained on...was like the rain burned him! Babies are not easy to figure out!

That sounds more like a seizure to me. I had a filly do the exact same thing one year, we had all kinds of tests/blood work done on her. Nothing showed up and she did not do it again. Very frightening to say they least when they do that, I was just beside myself and did not know what to do for her. She is seven years old now.

Good luck and I hope that your colt does not do this again. They do have medications they can give you if he should keep doing this, perhaps he got kicked or hit his head on something? In any case I hope it does not happen again.

It does sound very much like a seizure, I've never seen one in a horse but what you described sounds like many I've seen in dogs. I hope he recovers quickly and you can discover what it is!

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