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Jun 24, 2005
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Monroe Twp, NJ
I was just wondering how people go about getting a co-owner for a horse? I am looking at a really nice show filly that is a bit out of my price league. Anyone that has done this please let me know what is involved, etc. Thanks!
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I have a business partnership on 2 broodmares. One of the mares foaled last year, so we now have a partnership on the resulting filly. We split all expenses 50/50, including insurance. And, as the filly is for sale we will split the procedes from her sale. We do have a written contract, too.

A lot of people warned me in advance not to do business with friends. We've been partners now for 4 years, and so far so good!
You could ask the seller if they would co own the filly with you................. But really, with today's market prices I bet if you keep looking you can find one you can afford by yourself.. I am not in the market to buy but I keep reading the sale board. Seems a lot of people are having to sell some very nice mares for very reasonable prices.................. As for finding a co - owner all I can say is if you think you know & trust someone you may find out in the end that you did not after all.... Seems some people prefer money over friendship & ethics. If you do find a partner make sure they have reputable business ethics, otherwise you will be labeled quilty by association................... Try to make sure the partner is close enough so you can visit the horse often if they keep the horse... Never trust what they tell you. Check out all info thoroughly & by yourself. A thorough & well written contract will help but even then, it does not mean a parting of ways will be on friendly & agreeable terms................... I guess the best way is to find that persons previous clients if applicable etc & see how they handled disagreements, unhappy customers etc.

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