CMHR's Auction on ChuckWagon and Harnesses

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Aug 20, 2003
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[SIZE=12pt]Since you brought up wagons, how's this for ya?[/SIZE]
This wagon is built to accommodate a one, two, or three up. There are three gorgeous show bridles too but I am not sure if they are going with it or separate bid. This wagon is solid oak and in perfect shape. It has been kept under cover of course.

CMHR will have it at WORLDS and we will be taking silent bids on it at our booth so please do drop by.

It's for a good cause too.

Love you guys!

Picture of one of the harness on a "SAW HORSE". The balls on the harness is matching silver like the brads


[SIZE=12pt]The bids will be taken at Worlds at the CMHR booth. However since we were not able to get it to Nationals we will be taking bids thru the mail or e-mail which ever you prefer.[/SIZE]

There will be a reserve on this cart!
. It is in beautiful condition and would be a fun cart for show locally or at Nationals or Worlds. If I'm not mistaken if taken care of these carts will hold their value and give you years of fun!! this wagon comes with a single, double and a triple hitch.

There are 3 beautiful harnesses that will be bid on separately and these pictures will be posted. They were made by the gentleman that makes the Budweiser teams harnesses. Loads of Bling on these and I will try and get them posted later today.

[SIZE=14pt]The people who donated the wagon and harnesses and numerous other items to CMHR were Lonnie and Sara Whitworth of Aumsville OR. These were donated in memory of their wonderful little "Mouse"[/SIZE] aka [SIZE=14pt]Equitot's Enticing Mirage [/SIZE]who passed away this year.

[SIZE=14pt]If you would like to bid on the Chuck Wagon please send your bid with your name, address, Phone # and amount of bid, your e-mail address. Closing date for bids is October 30, 2008.[/SIZE]

To CMHR President

Jess Freer

12607 HWY 82 W

Brookston, TX 75421

or e-mail your bids to [email protected]
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