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Sandy S.

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Nov 30, 2002
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Anyone watch him and use his training style. Do you have regular horses or use it on the miniatures?

He is of course on RFDTV all the time. We just went and seen him over the weekend in Edinburgh, Indiana. Gotta get some good training going with our Paint mare that is 15. 2 and her new foal that is now 3 weeks and 42" and a handful of a guy. It is so much easier working with a miniature foal and a regular mini.
We have his video where he shows how to train and setup for halter/showmwnship and how to get the horse to do all that without a halter just using body lanuage..
I used to be an official Clinton Anderson groupie!
I had every video (produced through about 2005 or 2006), have gone to see him in person multiple times and have had the opportunity to talk with him on several occassions. Being a non-horsey person just a few years ago (around 2003) I really learned a TON from those videos. I really have him to thank for my ability to "read" a horse and communicate in their language. Do I think he knows everything? No. But he does have a lot to offer.

If you go to see him in person, be prepared for him not to be the same person you see in the videos. He has to "behave" himself on those videos, but he's more real in person.

Also, I especially like his groundwork series. I find it translates very well to the minis and I've been able to train several of my minis to round-pen and/or lounge with commands with just my body language.
I *LOVE* Clinton Anderson! My husband and I saw him in Lake St. Louis and he was fantastic. We used his method on teaching a horse (full size) to load in a trailer and it worked like a charm!! We have also used it to get one of our Minis to like the trailer a little better and its been wonderful. Our little Sammy just "pops" right into the trailer now! We also bought 2 of the Aussie Tie Rings that he sells, and now the boys stand very nice!
i do think hes one of the better famous trainers out there
I am not that much into hardcore Natural Horsemanship, although SOME of the stuff is basic, some of the "techniques" they use are absolutely ridiculous. I have seen too many newbies take Clinton Anderson's techniques and totally "don't get it" and they aren't doing themselves or their horse any good.

I don't think you can learn "horsemanship" through books and videos alone...

We had horses at a horse expo were he was a clinician and saw him several times during the 3 days. I was not impressed. He looks good on video, and as mentioned, has to behave. In person I found many of his techniques bordering on abuse.
I notice a big difference for the better in my clients who use Clinton Anderson. I like what they have shown me. I myself have gone through the Parelli dvds, etc.

I love Natural Horsemanship. My pony used to by wild with little human contact. She was horrible to catch. Now sometimes she will still try and leave when I get a halter out. I just put all my pressure on her hinney and she spins around and faces me and will trot over to have her halter put on. (catching game) In all my previous traditional years of owning horses I never would have guessed something like that would be possible.

There really is a horse language to be learned.

Kathi, could you be more specific and explain what you mean by"I found many of his techniques bordering on abuse". I've heard a few others say this and I'd like to know more. Thanks!
I find his videos very helpful but have never seen him in person. I have noticed that he uses a lot of ol' cowboy techniques even on the videos. But I like his no nonsense approach when it comes to horses

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