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May 31, 2011
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New South Wales, Australia
Hi All,
Hope you have all been really well.
I thought it was about time that I updated you all on my furry kids

They are all doing well. Penny is enjoying being the wild child of the bunch
and is my loveable brat!

Suzie is getting ready for the Royal in less then 2 weeks time AHHH!! lol she is getting clipped on Wednesday so wish us luck with that one! she is the sweetest little girl.

And the Finnley bug is doing well... Renee asked if he was growing up... well he is getting older but he isn't doing much growing lol he is still a bitty baby at 28" tall and I don't think he will grow too much <3
he got a bit sick while we were away with mild colic
very scary but thank goodness my friends were right onto it and he is back to his normal healthy self again <3
Smartie is doing well my gorgeous man haven't had much of a chance to ride him but hoping to after the royal

ok piccies time!
first my Smartie man (all rugged up as he hates the flies!!! )
2013-03-11 18.42.40.jpg
next Miss Penny

2013-03-11 18.23.16.jpg
2013-01-08 14.43.18.jpg
2013-03-11 18.18.46.jpg

next miss Suzie minx who is a bit fat but we will be working on that alot very soon

2013-01-29 18.59.46.jpg Her first Champion at Castle Hill Show end of last year... so proud of her! this was the last qualification she needed to get to the royal

2013-01-24 19.10.15.jpg
2013-03-11 18.34.48.jpg
and lastly the little man Finn.
I had to clip him early this year as he wasn't losing his coat and was finding the heat a bit too much.. before clipping and after

2013-03-11 18.40.00.jpg
ok my internet is acting up I'll have to add the other pics later at work sorry ladies...
I will leave you with the video though
(please ignore me in this LOL)
Finn's first attempt at trotting on the lead, I had alot of trouble in the past getting him to trot for me on one of the hot days Jonny(my little bro) and I took Finn and Suzie up to the big paddocks and dam and Finn had a great time and was happily trotting around with us not a very good video but so proud of my little munchkin!

p.s click on the pic and it will take you to the video
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oh my goodness Cassie, Finn is just an itsy bitsy love bug
I didn't realise he was so tiny. Suzie looks fab and well done you for getting her so in shape
They all look great.

Thanks for showing us
WELCOME BACK CASSIE!! How was the holiday??

Thanks so much for the pics - they are all looking fabulous.

As for that pickle Finn - well he's just so very very CUTE!!

So now we need full details and pictures of your holiday ...................... please!
oh my goodness Cassie, Finn is just an itsy bitsy love bug
I didn't realise he was so tiny. Suzie looks fab and well done you for getting her so in shape
They all look great.

Thanks for showing us
Thanks Renee
Finn is indeed a love bug! and very little love him to pieces my baby man!

Suzie still needs alot of trimming down early morning runs for her and me once I get over this silly cold lol.

My internet has settled down and is behaving itself so I can show you some other pics of Finn and share my exciting news with you all

Finn with Jonny at the dam2013-01-16 18.07.01.jpg

Finn with Suzie 2013-01-16 18.07.45.jpg

my exciting news is that both Penny and Suzie will be visiting some boys come October (I know I'm a little early LOL)

Suzie's husband to be could still change but is most likely going to be the gorgeous boy below.


Wade 2.jpg

And Penny's husband to be came about in a different way then normal... I'm not sure if you have heard of the devastating floods that Queensland have been having but alot of the miniature horse breeders decided to get together and hold a stallion service funraiser for the flood victims
all together we raised $16,000 which is amazing!

I bidded on this gorgeous Imported New Zealand stallion and won the bid!

So Penny will be visiting this lovely little guy (only 30" going to be fun going to Penny's 36" hehe)

what do you all think of him?


Thank you Anna
(sorry I think we posted at the same time LOL)

I think I can give you guys some pics from our holiday
you have asked for it now LOL

we had a great time! and we won NSW Home Hardware store of the year! which is amazing! (home Hardware is the group that we are with for our 2 hardware stores and there are easily over 100 stores in NSW very exciting!! ) I'll have to get a pic of our trophy for you all

a lovely sunrise one morning Russell and I went to the beach really early and got some awesome pics
the one with me is the one he got with his amazing camera the others I just took on my iphone




oh and this is funny I thought you would appreciate it 481786_623119754384148_1375593639_n.jpg

on the Gold Coast queensland are our theme Parks, Movie World Dream world wet n wild and sea world we went to all four and here are a few pics.

The tower of terror and the giant drop at Dreamworld, my brothers are the three on the left in the second pic

2013-02-26 10.58.49.jpg

2013-02-26 11.05.55.jpg

Sea world at the dophin show

2013-02-27 11.21.24.jpg2013-02-27 11.20.12.jpg

some penguins
2013-02-27 15.46.52.jpg

Movie World 2013-02-28 16.04.36 HDR.jpg and wet n wild 2013-03-01 15.44.18.jpg

the devestation that the cyclone did to our beaches earlier this year

2013-03-04 10.03.38 HDR.jpg

2013-03-04 10.07.36 HDR.jpg

2013-03-04 10.04.20 HDR.jpg

Sorry I'll stop with the pics now... lol

night everyone have a great day!/ night!
YAY Cassie is back!!!

Everyone looks SO fabulous, and I love the little video of Finn. WOW to the amazing stallions your lovely girls get to go on dates with hehe! I can hardly wait for those foals next year!

(Id insert some smileys or wink faces but I still dont have access to any of that, wah LOL)
That is AWESOME! Love your vacation pics.

The two "dates" are more than drool worthy! Wish I could find something like that here - I'm looking around for future "dates" for one of my fillies. Want one built like the chestnut guy with the markings of the bl/wh guy,
and registered both AMHR & ASPC..
me thinks that's an impossible want.

Luck to your miss Suzie! Tho I don't think she's really gonna need it as think you'll do quite well!
Fabulous holiday pics Cassie - looks like a great place for a fun holiday.

And a big WOW for the girls future hubbies!! Suzie's little fella reminds me of my Mootie and looks perfect for her. And many congrats on 'winning' such a handsome lad for Penny - a perfect build to cross with her I think. Roll on 2014!!

Many congrats too on winning the hardware trophy - brilliant. (picture required!!)
Thanks Anna

yes I'm very excited for the future bubbies that we hope to have next year!

I thought I would show you a pic of our trophy that we win, as Anna so kindly requested it

also my friend Sarah came yesterday morning and clipped Suzie ready for the Royal.
she was such a good girl! (considering it was her first full body clip ) love my precious girl!

so I thought I would share a before and after pic of her. she came up really well and her usual non existant dapples are really showing through so exciting!

she was wet as I had just given her a bath and a hot oil treatment but really happy with how she turned out. what do you all think? (sorry for the bad pictures lol I was by myself both times LOL


140313clipped.JPG AFTER


p.s click on the pics to make them bigger
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Ooooo love those dapples - she's looking great Cassie!

And that is a fabulous trophy - hope it is in pride of place in your home, or will you be keeping it at one of your stores?
thank you everyone
8 days till the Royal!
lol quite nervous!

we are most thrilled with our little award
its in our Ebenezer store in the window of our sales managers office. I think he is quite proud of the fact that its on his desk.

on other work news My dad is going to be on TV lol with our trucks, some of our drivers and maybe my brother and I. We are doing a community project for a policeman's family that was killed 15 min away from us and are providing the majority of the materials for it. very exciting oppurtunity Dad is so nervous (he hates public speaking ) lol anyway night all big day ahead first meeting starting at 7am yuck LOL.

thank you Anna, I'm glad you all like Suzie's dapples
I sure do!! she looks like a real Silver bay now
wow congratulations to you and your family
Will you record the programm for us to watch?

Suzie looks fabulous, she is such a gorgeous colour
haha yes of course Diane

and thats ok
I'm glad your internet and computer are back up and running again
nothing more frustrating! (well maybe pregnant mares not foaling might just be a little more frustrating lol) glad to see you around again.
our God is so great! :D

its very frustrating when things don't work properly but I'm sure you were the best one for the job!

quick question, Suzie appears to be getting attacked by mozzies or something at night poor thing has little lumps all on her legs and they are heaps itchy I know we have mozzies in there as I always get attacked as well but what would you recommend to stop them? was thinking of getting some little boots for her that I put on at night... and I just got one of the automatic insect systems which will go in the stables anything else I can use to help treat them? poor bubba girl
I would spray with something Cassie - cant imagine that she will enjoy it much if you put boots on her only to find that the nasty mozzies crawl down inside the boots to bite her!!