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Nov 30, 2002
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All the topics are clearly will tell you what to expect..if you don't wanna hear it..don't read it..if you don't wanna listen to your tv..turn it off..

I am NOT posting these things to fight or to change anybodies mind..I understand your stand..

BUT what I will do -is to express what is important to me and My family..I will fight for whats right in MY eyes and NOT follow like a sheep..I think this is whats wrong..Nobody will stand up for their RIGHTS...I choose to stay informed have EVERY right not to..I also understand that Barrak Hussein Obama prob will beat John Sidney McCain..But I will have to look into the eyes of my kids later and say KIDS I tried..
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Well-said. I am actually quite impressed that people here have maintained a modicum of civility in spite of the heated issues presented both factually and in some cases in an inflammatory manner.

We've all got choices to make, and for me it's difficult as no single candidate and their VP represents my ideal country's leader.

In lieu of knowing each one personally, I have to go on what I can determine for my self from the information presented, and make the choice I think will serve my country, family and neighbors the best. We will never all agree.

I am not convinced that Obama will make it into office, and I don't think either president can solve all of our problems, nor is free from any blame or shortcomings.

I am reading most of the posts, just staying out of it as I have nothing to add that hasn't already been said, posted elsewhere or presented elsewhere and I'm not out to change any minds, either.

I would hope that we all vote from an informed platform, and have researched the issues most important to us. That is what it's all about. Vote, but before you do, read up on the basics.

I am not about to split friendships or respect for anyone based on their voting or their party.

Liz M.
Understood! I have held my tongue quite a bit. Only reason being that once words are written anyone can turn them into a totally different meaning. There is no facial expressions or gestures to make a statement understood as to whether it is a joke or if it is a serious statement. I know there are smileys but they are not the same. I feel respect for those that so not believe the same way as I do. I have friends on both sides of the fence. But then some statements I do find offensive. I have just had to stay away from them because I am not sure if they are baits for an arguement, a put down just because I do not feel the same about a candidate that they do or if the statement is an innocent and bluntly worded one. BUT I am sure that maybe mine could be seen the same way. SO I am left to wonder where all of this goes the day after election and once the candidate has been named. Will there be a catalyst that some can not go back to how things were a few weeks ago? Or are we there now? I truely believe that this election has been the worst I have ever experienced where I have seen so much division and aggressiveness ( to which even I have felt) towards one another.
Well I gotto tell you..if you "attack" single people..ALL people will see it..and it does take away from your

credability..people are NOT dumb..they see..even if they not always speak out..

Words will be twisted..even if spoken..

The good thig is Now we have "youtube" this takes away the I never said this!

OOPS..gotto addd..the YOU in here is not meant as YOU personal..But YOU in general!!
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I for sure agree, we each need to not follow like sheep but try to be informed.

Most of us are not going go totally agree with any one person, so we have to weigh the issues and see which ones we can compromise on and accept, if we agree with Most of what one candidate stands for.

But other issues might be so important to us that they might be deal breakers that we simply cannot support.

Certain issues to us might be moral issues to us that we cannot support in good conscience.

There is still the "write in" option. It might be looked at by some as a wasted vote, but to me to stand up for what you believe in is never a wasted action.

I would also hope though that we respect each others' opinions and treat each other with kindness, in person as well as on the forum, even if we are on totally opposite sides.

Susan O.
OOPS..gotto addd..the YOU in here is not meant as YOU personal..But YOU in general!!
Not taken that way but thank you for clarifying!

Speaking on You tube, I saw a Bill Clinton tape this morning of him on the news saying how much he likes McCain and then a clip on him talking about how much he likes the Palin's and then another tape on where he said something on the line that he just met Obama when he was asked if he felt the same about Obama as he does McCain. Has anyone seen the tape of the latter? I am looking for it and can't seem to find it for someone. TY
I don't discuss politics with my family (many differing views) and I don't discuss politics on forums. I just watch, read, and learn what I can, and make my own decisions. I don't think that it's possible to change anyone's mind who is already decided, so it just becomes an argument and I don't care to partake in those. It is interesting to read what all of you have posted, and it does give a lot to think about.
I heard Bill Clinton say that. We listen to Patriot radio a lot, Mike Church, Andrew Wilkow, Mark Levin...... I think it was Andrew that had the cut. Bill was asked something albout what he thought about Rev. Wright and someone that would associate with him and he said "we don't really need to go there"......

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