Chubby's first trim!

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Nov 30, 2002
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Hi Janell,

Wanted to let you know that I trimmed Chubby's feet today! I took off about 2 1/2" off the front until I could see the quick! Trimmed them almost to the curve of his hoof! They bled a little, but only on the toe area! I got them opened up and the frog cut way back also! We laid him down and trimmed him, like you told me and it worked great! He just relaxed and let me work on him! He is so sweet! After I got him trimmed and rasped, I soaked his feet with Venice Turpentine to help heal the quick and harden the hoof! With a little luck and a lot of time, I think I can get him back up on his hooves! We are probably looking at 9 months to a year to get him to the point of wearing "Magic Shoes" Before I started trimming, I soaked his feet and massaged his legs for 20 minutes in very warm water! He really liked that part! He has good movement in his little joints, but they are very stiff from being turned for so long!

So far, so good! Keep little Chubby in your thoughts and prayers!

Then after working on Chubby for several hours, I put Angel's new "Magic Shoes" on her! They worked perfect! I laid her down Also and she did great! After I put her new shoes on she pranced around the pasture and showed them off! She was so proud of them! lol!

Angel's feet look really good and strong! She may be bare footed before too long! Thanks for all your help with the wee-ones!

((((((((((((Angel & Chubby Hugs for you!))))))))))))))))))

Such a wonderful thing you are doing. Isn't Janell wonderful too!!!
Update! Today I took Chubby's wraps off his feet and they look really good and healed! He is able to run and play a little! He still is on the sides of his hooves, but at least the trimming took a lot of that pressure off his ankles! We will let him get used to his new feet for about 2 weeks and then we will take some more of those hooves off!

So far, so good!

On another note, Chubby will be gelded this coming Friday at 2:00 PM! And while he is under the equine dentist will grind his wolf teeth down to match the others! Please keep Chubby in your thoughts and prayers! He is a very sweet boy and full of life and loves to be with the other horses! We let him go out on supervised visits with the others! Angel hasn't decided if she likes him or not! She's playing hard to get with Chubby!


Bill, do you have any pictures of how his feet look now? You are so good to be doing so much for little Chubby. Are you going to give him a more manly name? LOL
Oh Bill...what a wonderful thing you all are doing. Can't wait for Angel/Chubby pics. And I love his name...he won't be needin that "manly" name after Friday and I'm sending all the good and healing thoughts and prayers I can. Hugs to all
This little guy must be so happy to be able to run again! What a wonderful thing you have done for him!
Hi glad to hear you are making progress with Chubby's feet! Hope everything goes well during his little procedure tomorrow. Would love to see some photos of Chubby and Angel together


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