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Nov 30, 2002
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I knew things would be bad if we were left alone on Christmas and I didn't want to spend the day at the cemetary.

I didn't want a repeat of our Thanksgiving disastor and I wished for some guests for weeks.

But we had no one to invite

On Saturday, Jerry's Pastor arrives on the doorstep, ham in hand. Jerry's not home so Dan and I had a talk with him. I had been cooking and baking, and mentioned a few million times to him that I don't know what for; because no one will be here to eat it and we'd gladly share if anyone showed up.

Fast forward to Sunday and Jerry comes home from Church and asks me what I have done......?

Huh? I dunno, what have I done???

He said the pastor announced from the pulpit that I have enough food to feed an army and said I wanted to invite the entire congregation to our Christmas feast !!!!!!!!!! Jerry said he sat there with his jaw on the ground. :new_shocked: :new_shocked: :new_shocked: :new_shocked: :new_shocked: :new_shocked:

ummmm aaaaaaaaa oh oh.........

So here comes Christmas Day. We had presents and went through the whole thing like robots. Not a dry eye in the house all day. You could cut the tension with a knife. I finally took a pill and went numb while Jerry took a nap and Dan watched movies in his room. There were family picture takings, but they are so bad, I can't post them. I held picture of Michael in all the family pictures because we will always be a family of four, not three.......... No one is smiling in the pictures and we all have very sad red eyes. I set up a buffet and we took our plates to the living room and we nibbled, nobody was really eating.

And then they came........Oh my word......... They really came~ oh oh......Well it wasn't a hundred, but enough. Just a few people, but I was armed and ready and straightened up really quick. I did the good hostess thing and it helped a lot having people over. Even two of Dan's friends showed up. He actually got out of his cruddy old camo pants and put on a decent new outfit.

The highlight of the evening was when everyone went out to the barn to see the Prancers. Jerry's idea. They were all nicely groomed, sporting their ribbons and bows and Jerry amazed me. He proudly showed them off and actually didn't mix up Chrissy and Merry Beth for once which he did for years. He spoke very intelligently about the breed and their care and introduced them one by one. He let Timmy & Knight Star loose in the isle-way and they were happy to show off how they wrestle each other and Timmy demonstrated how to mount and ride his brother sideways until Knight had enough and airlifted Timmy off sending him crashing into Sonny's wall. Timmy was like "oh rats" but got a lot of applause. Then they both went into their people mode and insisted on a round of petting and "love me love me love me" to their guests. Nick was voted "most awesome" and Glory was voted "most elegant" and Chrissy was voted "most adorable" & Silver Belle the "best color" Merry Beth put on her display of the most hyper and I voted Holly & Angel as the best incubators. Sonny won the biggest beast horse award . Very accurate on all counts. And Jerry shinned. He did his big bear hug thing with Nick, his pride and joy, and it was nice to see him show how much he really cared for our little ones.

After they all left the phone began to ring and it surely helped a lot to be able to hear a lot of friendly voices.

We're glad it's over though. I'm exhausted from worrying about it and ready to put our decorations away, but I'll be leaving Michael's tree up until after January 1st.

We couldn't have survived another minute without as John Lennon would sing "A little help from our friends"

Thank you again for all your support.
sounds like the worst best Christmas... leave it to the horses to save the day!! i'll bet Michael was watching the show and loving it!!
Marty I only wish I could have walked up your path to your door- I probably would have got a bear hug to half kill me but it would have been well worth it- you must know that your home was also filled with all your friends spirits as well, I was there in my heart, even though I could not make it in body.

Keep on plodding, you are beginning to make ground, my love
Awwwwwww, at least it worked that u got what u needed. A way to make it through the day, with some help from the Prancers and your friends
: Hang in there.
I'm happy you had some friends stop over, having friends around always makes it so much more fun.

But Marty, where is my phone call??????? I'm not letting you off that easy girlie :bgrin

You were strong and pulled through, i'm so proud of what you did for Dan this year. So very proud
There it is again a Christmas saved or at least made b etter by the help of friends and warm feelings. You did great girl and no one would expect it wouldnt be sad as well as happy. My mom has been gone 5 years this year and there are still moments. There will always be moments and thats OK.
Sounds like you got exactly what you needed for Christmas.
: What a wonderful, touching story!
It seems you got just what (as few have said already) you needed.

He knew you needed people around and He sent them to you.
Oh Marty, Jerry and Dan

I just knew this day was going to be so hard on you guys. I did so enjoy my visit with

you on christmas Morning over the phone. I too wish we could have spent the day together.

Even though we have not met, I think of you as family. I had a feeling the Church was coming,

even if it was just few. This Church sounds so much like the Church my mom grew up in.

On Sunday's they show up at Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner. Anytime they would hear

their is food, they come. It was so awesome to, Grandma so love it.

I too agree, Michael was watching and laughing, when they showed up. I think he loved it,

when you all went to the barn, and showed off the prancers. Watching Timmy and Knight play.

I wished we could have been there with you.


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