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Aug 31, 2007
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Recently I found that half of Bodie's tail was chopped off. One side was longer and the other was way above his hocks! Two days later a similar but not quite as bad chop job was found on Road Rage. Could the other horses be eating them? Bodie's tail had some sticky stuff like spit on the end of his tail. I know the neighbors didn't chop it off and we haven't found any hair. Our horses are nice and plump. They can't be that hungry.
What kind of protection do you recomend for their tails? And have you ever heard of horses eating each others tails?
Sometimes in close quarters a horse will chew the tail off of stable mates, usually out of boredom. We had a foal eat her dam's tail on the way to the World Show in Reno asbout ten years ago. When we left home her dam had a full long tail. When she came off the trailer at the show it was above her hocks!
Thanks heavens I dont have any that do this, but YES, and they dont have to be locked in to develope this habit. I have seen horses that are running out on big lots still do it- VERY annoying!!

Wow, Tony, I bet that was a real 'pleasant' surprize when you got to the show!!
We found the culprit!
He was caught in the act of chewing Bodie's tail today. It was Knightly, Bodie's younger full brother. We will try to keep him apart from the others. He really wrestles with Bodie too much anyway. You know brothers. Well, I'm gonna put MTG on Bodie's tail. That stuff is suppose to grow 3in of hair a month.
know the neighbors didn't chop it off
............... A person that bought a mini colt from us ended up with a beaver tail also... I asked her this same question.......... While feeding for her I figured out it was her goats............ She got rid of the goats but the horses buddy had picked up the habit from the goats & continued to chew on it also for awhile.

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