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Jul 8, 2006
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I have a puppy who looks to have cherry eye. She is 12 weeks old and I noticed it tonight in her right eye. It seems the only treatment is surgery. I will be calling for an appt. tomorrow but was wondering if anyone has dealt with this and if you have had the surgery done what is to expected and what was the cost? Poor pup, it doesn't seem to bother her (yet) but it looks like it must
I have an appointment to have the surgery done to my year old cocker puppy next Tuesday.. they are telling me that its gonna run less than $50. I wish they could have gotten to him sooner though, it looks rough but doesnt seem to bother him.
My husband's parents dog had a cherry eye. They had it put back in place twice only for it to pop back out, so they finally had it removed. I don't remember how much it was to put in back in place but I'm thinking the total removal was around $300.

The actually cherry does not hurt them (although unsightly) but it does tend to block their vision and get very dry. Her dog would scratch at it sometimes if it got real dry and she'd have to put drops in her eye.
Thank you for the replies. I have talked to 3 vets today and have an appt. with the one I think knows the most about it. All 3 only do removal/partial removal, they said the tuck and tack doesn't last so they no longer do it. I have an appt. to have them look at it and if it doesn't bother her or cause any problems they will most likely wait and do it with her spay. The cost is around $75.00. Thank you again for the replies

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