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MeadowRidge Farm

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Dec 9, 2002
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I got my first donation check from a friend who had put out a "donation" jar for me. Total in the jar was $100.00. I have 2 more jars out, but seems to be going slow on those 2. Is anyone else doing this?? I told all of them if we hit $100.00 I would get them either a Chances cookbook or T-shirt. Worked great as a incentive! ALso, brought home my little mini donkey rescue last night, have my farrier coming out today. Her hooves are horrendous! It felt so good to finally get her out of where she was and know that NOW she will be taken care of properly! Corinne
Way to go and what a great idea!!! Thank you soooo much. Ginny is the treasurer and her address is on the website all the $ goes to her

Please keep us posted on your rescue donkey and Id love to see pics!
Kay, if I can figure out HOW to post pics (or if someone else can do it for me) I will try to get them on over the weekend of my rescue donkey. She is a little sweetheart, and made herself right at home! She did get a clean bill of health, which was a big plus...basically just seems to be her feet and some weight. Corinne

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