Catch now has a maternal 1/2 brother!

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Lost Spoke Ranch

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Dec 2, 2002
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Benson, AZ
Hey all!

We are on foal patrol this afternoon and haven't had much sleep the past few nights, but wanted to drop a quick notice that our Catchy boy now has a maternal half brother! We are so excited! For those who don't know who Catch is, he is the stallion in my avatar. Catch and this colt share the same AMHR National Champion and AMHA World top five producing dam Southbrooke's Cinnamon Spice. This colt’s sire is AMHA World top ten CCMF Legacy's Color Maker.

Pictures coming soon!

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Oh, I can't wait to see your pictures! I bet he's beautiful!!! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!!!
Congratulations Dawn & Tommy!

I'm very impatiently waiting for pics, but I know the sleep deprived state very well!

I let CM pass around more cigars, LOL!

Love the new photos on your home page as well, you have some homebred stunners there for sure!
Best wishes with the rest of the show season!
AH!!!! PICS!!!! Wow, how nice! Does he look like Catch at all? CONGRATS!! That is awesome!
I am anxious to see his picture too! We just had a chestnut colt with blanket on rump and a few chestnut spots on it too! Congratulations I will be watching for a photo! Lavonne

I sure he is fine if he looks anything like Catch.You can send catch to us now
Thanks so much everyone for your continued encouragement and kindness.

For those who asked if this new colt we are considering naming Desert Storm (because we’ve live in the desert and had a rain and wind storm blow through since he’s been born) looks like Catch, well, he does and doesn’t. He’s upright, very leggy, inquisitive, and his super friendly personality are very much like Catch. He's athletic and boy is he a lanky little guy, so I’m considering nicknaming him string bean! Tommy wants to clip him in a few weeks once he’s filled out and it’s warm enough, so I’ve agreed not to post pictures until then.

Thanks Kim for making mention of our three Lost Spoke Ranch bred 2008 AMHA World and National Show contenders I added on our home page yesterday. We are so very proud of them! Not many people show their fewspots/fewcaps to National or World levels, but we do! If interested in having a peek, visit our home page…

The mare we were watching yesterday is still keeping us waiting. She is our tiny 29.5" varnish roan appaloosa mare CR Spanish Creek Contessa bred to Celebration's Tennessee Tyme! Wooo hooo!

Tymer is due to arrive here from Illinois this weekend to breed more of our appy mares. It will be so great to have him here again.

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Oh you guys... you just want to keep everyone in suspense!!! LOL

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