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Dec 24, 2002
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Well, I can't believe this is happening BUT.....

My NON-HORSEY hubby has decided we need to give a standard donkey a good home. Some local ladies had 4 donkeys and decided to sell them all. This old boy is 20 yrs old, trained to ride, drive and pack. Hubby decided we needed him so I could take him on trail rides with the donkey/mule club. He is SO excited about getting. I think he is more excited than I am! Really! He is all ready planning on building a cart for him. I'll post pics when we get him home, tomorrow! Not sure how Kilroy is going to take this. Hopefully he won't be too upset.

Oh yeah, we got this boy for nothing. They just wanted him to go to a good home.
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Yeah, I forgot to say that he was ridden and shown by a 10 yr old girl last year and did very well. I'm hoping hubby's interest will cont to grow with him.
Congratulations. Sounds like a great donkey. Enjoy and looking forward to pictures.
Maybe hubby can give up all his fishing and hunting interest and become the main mule man at your house!!! Kilroy will do just great...he'll be happy to have a little (OK..lots) larger buddy!
Maybe hubby can give up all his fishing and hunting interest
I don't think so. He loves his hunting and fishing too much. At least he is showing an intersest though
Gotta pick the new guy up at 230 this afternoon. He is all black and they call him Cirius Black, from Harry Potter. I'm thinking he will probably get a name change.
Hi Shawna!

Oh, I'm so thrilled for you two...wish I could go along to pick up the big guy! Aren't you so happy that your husband is participating in your passion for these critters?! Please be sure to post pictures of Cirius when he gets "home"?!

Since we lost Taco in October, part of me wants another donkey in the worst way, the other part says that nothing could replace that character. Maybe a lost soul like Cirius will fall into our lap just like Taco's the only way I'd have it. Not because we're cheap, but because I believe that special horses/donkeys find their way to our home. Just ask Corinne.....local donkey expert and mama to some special little souls! Taco came from our farrier and his last two years of his life seemed to be happy...sure made ours colorful!

Please give Kilroy a hug for me!




Wish my NON-HORSEY hubby would take an interest in my love for horses, donkeys, etc.

We will be anxioulsy waiting for pictures!!
Cindy......LOCAL DONKEY EXPERT????????Far from it..I just seem to be aquiring the reputation that when it comes to donkeys ..just ask Corinne!! Did you take a look at what Jan posted(on our EZ net board) about Clementine...and the 4-5 answers below it... when I need to know something I usually have to turn to a dear old friend/mule man, he has bred, imported mini donkeys for the past 40 years. of course, I also have Shawna, RIGHT Shawna?? now she is much more of a expert then me. I took some pics of Clementine today, and Chilly, and the puppy, so as soon as I get them into the puter, I will post some of Clememtine (my latest rescue) and Chilly. Shawna, did you bring the new guy home yet? What did Kilroy have to say about it? I bet Colleen fell in love with him too! Corinne
Brought him home last night but after dark so couldn't get photos. Will get some posted soon. He is SO cool. He is about 50" tall, LONG ears, and sounds like a deep fog horn. He is a total sweetheart. Kilroy is extremely Pi$$'d. He ran the fence line all night and slams the fence at his neighbors. Poor baby. I can't seem to get him to understand that he is still "THE" man. Cirius is missing his old friends though. He called to them several times last night. He was living with 3 other donks that were all sold yesterday and moved away.

Dave has all ready stated that he will get lots of loving and attention and told me this morning that he really likes our "Foghorn".

Colleen hasn't met him yet! She went to Denver for the Stockshow and won't be home until tonight or tomorrow. She is almost excited about us getting him as we were.

Yup Corrine, I'm here for ya!

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