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Nov 30, 2002
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Oklahoma City, OK
I've been wanting some new pictures of Redrock Ahoy Captain SOS this year. I sold him year before last but the buyer decided she didn't want him and I took him back last fall. I am glad I did and have (I think!) 7 mares in foal to him for next year! His first foals.

I couldn't work it out to have Liz photograph him, so I asked dear sister Charlotte for some help today. Soooo...... here is all 29.50" of him, 4 yrs old and probably 50 lbs overweight!!


Just GORGEOUS!! i really like those black and white pinto's!! Thanks for sharing!!

oh and dont feel bad my mare is EVEN FATTER!!

Nice pix!!! Boy does he look full of himself, very handsome. And yes just a little, uh husky??? But I cant talk I will have to post pix of our latest photo project, u will see.
Yes, Freeland, he has a blue eye. He tested negative for LWO, so I'm thinking he carries splash in addition to tobiano. Next year will be a good test. Several of the mares he's bred to carry splash.

Jenny Craig's might not be a bad idea!
Gosh, he is really nice Becky!

Cannot wait to see his foals next year. His sire and dam are which ones? Is he homozygous?

Even 'fluffy", he is one nice little guy! Great job on the pics!!!!!!!!


Captain isn't related to any of my other horses. I got him as a late yearling (he's 4 now) and he wasn't registered AMHA yet. I didn't care for his AMHR name, so I gave him a different name in AMHA. I had him tested for homozygous and he's not, though both his sire and dam are pinto. I am hoping for some very colorful foals next year with the mares I've given him!

BTW, he's one of my lucky finds on the LB Saleboard!
Wow Becky - he is a very nice boy - looking forward to seeing his foals - hope he gives you many beautiful babies!
It's about time you got some good pictures to show that pretty boy off!! Now people don't have to see him in person to see how NICE he is!!

Hey Charlotte, I'd love to hire you to take some pics of Ozzy! If you decide to take customers, let me know.
You DON"T use Jenny Craig for horses - - -


I have mares that make that pretty boy look positively Svelte!
i love piebalds (irish term)...

and what's wrong with being 50 lbs overweight !!

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