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Dec 8, 2023
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Clovis California
Hi Everyone. One of my minis "gelding" has become a bit pushy & we are working with that, but the heat is coming & I need to shave down some before we get into the 100’s
Has anyone used and have any advice about using calming past with a mini. He is 16 months old.

Thank You for any advice

Hi Guy, I've never found the calming supplements to work. Have you tried any desensitization with the clippers? If you spend some time rubbing the clippers over them (while they are not running) until they are comfortable with it and then slowly introducing the running clippers, they usually adjust. Best place to start is on the neck or shoulders. Have someone at their head to steady them and give treats. Hanging a hay bag for them to work on helps too. If you go slow with positive reinforcement, most minis are pretty good to teach about clipping,
You may want to clip in sections to give them a break. Oh, and keep checking the clipper blades, if the get hot you will have a squirrelly mini real fast!
If all else fails, you could try a sedative from the vet. For the mini, not you 😁 .
What Cayuse said. Except I tie them and don't give them treats. That seems to take care of it for pushy, If they are scared of the clippers I will clip them several times a day for a few seconds or a minute or 2 at a time, stopping whenever they hold still.
Babies have a lot to learn, don't they? Being clipped/bathed is one of those things. A little at a time usually works. I found that tying is somehow worse. If I hold the halter as I run the clipper and sort of follow the horse for a little way as he backs up, he seems to handle it better. I think he feels as though he can escape and he doesn't panic.
If you're wanting to use dormosidan for clipping - as many people do, I wouldn't use it as a first option but rather a last resort. THOUSANDS of young horses learn to be body clipped with little to no issue. It's absolutely conceivable that yours will too. I start on the hind quarter or the shoulder and do a slow introduction of smell, sound, and then sensation with breaks in between to praise relaxation and acceptance.
If Phillippe can handle clippers, your little dude can too!
This is our little bully. He is getting better. I’m actually doing everything you’ll suggest. I was just looking for a shortcut because we have heat coming & I don’t want his first trim to be dramatic to him. Thank You All for the amazing advice 🤠💪🏽❤️
He looks like a smart one! He'll catch on to the idea of clipping quickly I bet. My three actually enjoy being clipped now. We make a big deal out of it, lots of love and pampering. I clip slow cause I have bad hands so I give them a break and do it in sections. He's gonna do fine!

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