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Oct 17, 2005
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How do you do the breeding when the mare has a foal, do you seperate the two or leave the foal with mare while breeding? Answers are welcome with both hand breeding and pasture breeding.

I have always done hand breeding with mares that have foals, and I put the foal in a stall with a grilled front so mare and foal can see each other but baby is safe, and mare is tied to the front of the stall while I hold the stallion's lead.

I've never done pasture breeding with foals out with the mares, it must work out ok as so many people do it that way but I would be nervous about it. Might be trying it this year though, we'll have to see.
Ditto to Magic.. I hand breed all our mares. and when they have foals on their side, baby goes into stall, mare gets tied or held by a helper facing the stall so she can see baby and baby can see her, while I handle the stud.. Works great, both are calm and I don't have to worry about either getting hurt!
Same as Magic & Lucky C.......except we leave foal in his stall and take mare outside to breed. Have had mares that, if their foal is close, they want to kick the stallion to keep him away from foal. Works better for us to have foal out of sight.

I always leave the foal in the stall and take the mare to the breeding shed. Its hard enough keeping the mare and stallion safe, I don't need to worry about the foal too! She can handle being alone for the 10 minutes it takes to be covered. If we need to we sedate her to keep things safe.
My mares and foals are out with the stallions- they live a family life during breeding season as they would naturally. I have never had a problem with the mares not rebreeding and the foals stay out of the way. They all get along fine.....
Laurie, do your mares foal with the stallion? I have my entire herd together during breeding season but only after the foals are born and momma and baby get to bond. Haven't had a problem and my stallion is VERY gentle with the foals. He loves them and acts like a babysitter. tee hee.
In the past, the foals stayed with the mare. But this year, we're using a young inexperienced and rowdy stud, so I think we'll be moving the foals to a pen when it comes time to hand breed. Only because I can't take my eyes off the stud to worry about the foal! If we were using our older stallion, it wouldn't be problem.
No way! No my mares do not foal with the stallion. They are brought in and put under a camera with a breeder alert. They are turned out about day 5 to 7 for the foal, or depending on the foal and how they are all doing, etc.... I have had a couple of 'surprizes' over the years where they did foal out with the whole herd but that was a big OOPS!

I would rather have them foal in where they are watched and can be monitored and attended to immediately if need be. They stay under the camera after the foal is born too for the days they are in, just to make sure all is well.

My stallions have all been wonderful with the foals too over the years.. they babysit, allow them to bite and rear up on them, etc... when they get annoyed enough, they give the babies 'the look' and the youngsters know that it's time to move on and harrass someone else, lol
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I have the foal well away from the "act", in front of the mare to the side away from where the stallion will mount, but well within site of the mare; one person with the foal, one holding the mare, and one person in firm control of the stallion.
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We do it both ways. Sometimes we bring the mare to the stallion and hand breed, other times the mares are put in the pasture with the stallion.

It is easiest to put the mare in the pasture when she is in standing heat and ready for the stallion

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