Breeding buckskin pinto and palomino

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Sue S

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Mar 30, 2007
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I have a buckskin stallion and a palomino mare that I was thinking of breeding together next month, I was wondering if this would be a good match, My main stallion is a pinto and is hemog. I know I would get another pinto out of him and I would like to try for something different. Could I possibly get a buckskin out of this match? or another palomino. This would be the first time for this stallion. I'm dumb on colors.
YOu should always match up quality not color! That said with our past buckskin stallion we got sorrel, buckskin, black , bay and pintos. I had a palomino mare, bred her to the buckskin, got silver buckskin
You should be looking at your stallion and your mare and figure out their faults and will his conformation enhance hers and vise versa. If they both have similar faults, like a poor head, no neck, long back, bad hip, whatever. YOU SHOULD NOT BE BREEDING THEM, regardless of their color.

If they will complement each other, then you could end up with a double dilute, like a cremello or a perlino, or a dilute like a buckskin, or palomino, or a solid like bay or chestnut with a small percentage of the foal being a black. If the mare or stallion are Tobianos, you will have a stronger chance that the foal will be a tobiano with one of the above colors.
My main stallion is hemog, He is a sorrel pinto, the stallion I want to bred her to is a buckskin pinto. They are very nice horses and the buckskin pinto was going to be a show horse but I am handicapped and couldn't do it. Would not be able to keep up with him.

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