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Boss Mare

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Aug 17, 2003
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Mechanicsville, MD
Okay, so a take off of another post.

I just built my own home. It's average size, nothing too big.. not like it matters anyways as it is set on six acres full of horses and my other two large dogs. One is a 12 year old Golden Ret. (male) and the other is my 2 year old Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix (male). They both are outdoors.. love the horses and free roaming the acres of underground fencing..


I want a mostly indoor dog, that's small.. think under 10 lbs.. short hair, I'd prefer as I am a dog groomer and would love not to have to come home to brush out a dog every night, etc. something that is easy to crate train and house break by nature, but I am experienced on this.. Though keep in mind because of my job I can and DO plan to take my dog to work with me most days of the week, so plenty of attention and action.. Once it's full vaccinated of course.

I don't do barkers..

In mind have a Miniature Dach. (short hair) or an Italian Greyhound..

Any other ideas?!

pugs are nice dogs, as are jack russel terriers. My parents have a jack russel and my brother has a pug. I have a yorkiepoo and a shih tzu. Though I don't have to brush the yorkiepoo as I shave him. I will clip the shih tzu soon as well. Pictures of my 2 are on my website in other pets section.

Other short hair small dogs are chihuahuas, miniature pinchers, short hair dashunds to name a few.
Definitely not a Min pin then lol
They are barkers, have a mind of their own and are hard to potty train.

That being said, they are wonderful companions! Before I got my first min pin, the breeder told me that they will pick "their" person! And boy is that ever true!!!!!!!! They are loyal and loving animals. Very high energy and like to do their own thing. And they have short hair that isn't usually a problem. HAHAHAHA I can't even believe we have three of them :DOH! After these three I think we will move on to a breed that is a little less demanding
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Boss Mare,

I am in the same boat and am thinking of a rat terrier/cross. I'd like to find a tri color with the darling brown eyebrows.

I had an aussie before and she was a WONDERFUL dog, but I need something a little smaller this time around. I don't mind the grooming, but I want a lap-size dog. Small enough to come in, but lively enough to go outside with me, too.

This was my aussie, ready for trick or treat. We lost her 4 years ago and have been dog-less. The little horses have satisfied me so far, but I am almost ready for another dog. Love those eyebrows!

I have a mini dach. I got her from lyn_j on here. I love her. She's crate trained and she has bonded to me very well. She's a long haired, but I have had a short haired before. He wasn't as smart as Dixie though. Good luck.

I got a pup last summer who has turned out to be one of the best dogs I've ever had. He is a mini Aussie & Papillon cross, yes he was hard to housebreak (we are almost there
) but he's smart, friendly and otherwise minds pretty well. He is about 12-13 pounds, big enough to hold his own out here with the other dogs but still small enough to cuddle LOL. Wish I could find another one with this cross, my daughter keeps threatening to take Bailey away from me.

If you don't want a barker you might want to think twice on a doxie. Every one I have owned or met has had a mouth on them. I don't mind it so its no big deal to me. But I honestly have been racking my brain to think of a small lap dog in the size range you are looking and can't think of one that isn't known to be a loud mouth.

I wish you luck, and when you find one that is that size and quiet please let us know. I would LOVE a small quiet type dog to take with me places while my husband is gone. Both our doxie and our heeler are to big.
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