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Jun 29, 2004
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Hi, folks!

Anyone got a great place to buy blankets for their minis?

I never blanketed my guys in the winter before, but my two older guys had a pretty tough time last year and this spring, so I want to make sure they have warm blankets to wear this winter throughout.

So my questions are these:

1. How many blankets should I have on hand for each horse? Would two be enough, or should I plan on more frequent changes of blanket than once weekly? They will have them off daily to be groomed and to work in their school classes, but I figure probably a week is long enough to wear the same blanket without washing -- am I too fussy, or not fussy enough?

2. What's a reasonable price range for these things?? I have seen mini blankets advertised at ridiculously high prices, considering that they use less material than big horse blankets!

3. Anyone know of a place that makes decent quality blankets for minis at a reasonable price?

4. Are hoods any use for warmth, or are they just for show use to keep the mane clean and pretty once groomed?

Many thanks for any and all advice and comment -- this is a new area for me, and I want to make sure my boys are well-looked after!

Leah M., Ontario, Canada
I can't answer your questions as to how many blankets as your climate is a little colder than mine
. Most of my blankets come from Supreme Equine Design. They are not the cheapest, but the quality is excellent. They are well made and outlast the cheaper blankets. They have an online catalog, They make a nice, heavy winter blanket. I don't use hoods, have not found them necessary but again, I'll defer to people in colder climates on that one.

I do not blanket mine, but have them on hand just in case. I have a heavy winter one and a lighterweight one, and a couple sheets (orange sheet for hunting season). I clip mine in June and do not clip after that, so they are pretty fuzzy by the time it starts to get cold. I purchased the blankets through Ozark Mountain and Star Lake, both seem to have good prices and descent quality. My winter blankets came from Star Lake and they were right around $50, which I feel is reasonable.
I only blanket mine when they have been clipped (for shows). Some people blanket unclipped horses during the winter, however, I am not in favor of this. Their natural coats are all they need and if you start to blanket, then you must continue throughout the season as the coat will loose its loft.

For when I must blanket, I like blankets that are sized to fit the horses, but I also always have some adjustable blankets so that I can fit new comers or others I've decided to show, or for when the blankets are being washed, etc.

Additionally, I mostly like purple blankets
You didn't say how old your guys were some of our mares are in the twenties and we don't blanket in winter even at -40C if they are healthy they will be fine ours get fed extra hay for warmth have shelter and always water. When we first got minis we thought we had to blanket because they would freeze in winter and all we did was make them loose there insulation and even on mild winter/spring days they would shiver without coats on and always had runny noses. WolfCreek sells great winter/summer blankets and sheets/slinkies in Can. prices also the Paddock in B.C. is fairly reasonable. When we got some stallions up last Jan. from the US we had to blanket 24/7 almost till June because they came clipped so we had no choice and also used the headless hoods and some days a liner under there coats each had 2 sets and l washed them every 5 days. l wouldn't want to blanket in winter it's a pain and l would think a pain for the horses to have to wear all that crap for so long 2 months for show season is long enough for us. We found the blankets are usually as good as the price you pay some of the cheaper ones we got didn't fit the horse proper usually on the chest/butt and just never stood up to all the washing with a lot of shrinkage.
I like "Horses in Black Blankets".

Normally I do not blanket. However last year, with the move to the new place, found out the new farm is colder than the old place in the winter. My Minis were shivering so I kept them in blankets until it warmed up to the 50's. They were free fed as much hay as they wanted to eat.

Our reason was clime change.

So it just depends.

If they are not shivering then they really don't need blankets.
We only blanket if our horses are clipped for shows.

I just got a catalog from Schneiders that has some really nice blankets for miniature horses. They are adjustable which I think is a great idea.
I don't blanket in winter either, and even when it hits -40 my horses haven't had a problem with the cold. I do have blankets on hand just in case someone comes down sick or something & needs some extra warmth, but I prefer to leave the horses unblanketed. Mine all winter outside, with run-in sheds for shelter from wind & snow.

I did have an early foal this year & she was blanketed for a few weeks. I changed her blanket morning & night--usually the blanket lining was quite clammy after just 12 hours. I'd change her to the warm dry one & take the other one in to dry it out.
If you PM me I will send you an e-mail of a lady that make custom mini blankets.

I don't have any of hers, but I hear that they are very nice blankets that are quilted.

I need to order them from her pretty quick here.

She is in Alberta, Canada so it might even be cheaper for you.


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