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Jun 3, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
Where's your post? There's absolutely nothing here other than your topic heading. Why does that happen every so often with a post??? Or can everyone else see something I can't??

Anyway, can you tell us more about Lacey, or post a photo?
Hey! Where did it go? LOL I just kept watching it and wandering if anyone at all would respond. Hey, theis is how my whole day has been. I found one show halter for a mini but it looked too big and when I asked if I couold bring it back if it didn't fit thay kinda gave me a funny look, so I didn't get it. I figured $80 for a halter that would probably not fit and can't get your money back, wasn't a good idea.

Oh, you must have missed her pic. I will gladly put it up again.

Thank you for responding minimor!


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I would put her in a silver show halter for sure. I would also get one with a somewhat wide noseband just to break up her length from eye to nose.

Kay, I can't find any. I wish I would have got her a few weeks ago so I could have ordered one. I have a leather black one I bought months ago from an auction, but it is too big. It's one of those bulky black leather with silver trim kind. Ron says it looks cheap. But it's too big. I don't know what to do. I really want to go.

Ah, Fran, it's been one of those weeks! And ya, I've been missing 1/2 the threads here these days, I sit down, take a quick peek at a couple threads then am off & running again. Probably have been missing lots of good pictures.

Lacey's pretty! I would go with a show halter with a silver bar noseband and silver ferrules/filigree beads on the cheeks. I've been trying out some different halters in different colors, and I still find the silver the nicest on the biggest variety of horses. With Lacey's color, she'd look sharp in silver!

Star Lake has some gorgeous halters but they're a little more expensive; Ozark Mountain also has some lovely ones, and I think there's a few that are a little bit less pricey, around $100 or so. Those are the cable ones. Ozark also has some nice rolled leather ones with the bar nose, but they're just not quite as fine as the cable style and they have the plain cheeks. I suspect Lacey may look the nicest in one of the cable ones.

Sizing can be a little tricky, especially with a young horse if you're buying the halter now & you want to be sure it will fit next year. Most of the sellers have good sizing guides for their halters, so you can take measurements & get the right size halter. Star Lake's halter sizes are a bit different from the BKM halters sold by Ozark Mtn. & other stores; Schneiders sells some nice Billy Royal Mini halters & they are sized the same as the BKM halters.
Meant to add--what would also look nice is one of those patent nosebands, black with the silver beading. (I so badly want one of the Victors, which aren't available any more. Star Lake has the wider, tapered noseband in their Shepherd series.

When is the show you're wanting to go to?
It's an open show on Sunday. This coming Sunday that's the problem. The halter she has on in the pib is a weanling small and she has all sorts of room. It's on all of the last notches. I am so bumbed about not being able to find one.

I've got a couple "extra-small" nylon halters; one of those would fit her perfectly just now, but of course that doesn't do you any good when you're there & I am here. I have shown at an open show in a new nylon halter, but if your tack stores are like ours you won't be able to buy a halter this tiny anywhere local. My tiny halters all came from a friend who brought them home from Nationals.
Oh, bless your heart, Minimor! You are so nice. Tell you what, you throw real hard and I will catch it.

I seen some nylons (green, red) that looked like they would fit. Are those allowed? Or would I just make her look funny?

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Yep, one of those is allowable, and no, I don't believe you could make her look funny by taking her out in a nice new red or green halter that fits her well. If there's an equal horse wearing a fancy halter and the judge was having a hard time deciding which horse to pick, your filly might lose a point because of the nylon halter, but at an open show it isn't so much of a factor as it would be if it were an AMHA or AMHR sanctioned show.

The first summer we had Minis we had almost nothing for Mini tack, certainly no show halters. We took two of the little boys to a fair that had some Mini classes, and they both wore new blue nylon halters into the ring. The judge was a QH man who could have cared less about seeing little Arabian type halters on our boys. Each of our guys won his age class, and then Dusty went on to win the championship.

So, if you're wanting to show Lacey on Sunday, go for one of those nylon halters. Hope it will fit. I can go warm up my pitching arm, just in case you need one of these I have here, but I gotta tell ya, I'm not much of a pitcher.

And I'll be honest. I would probably duck and run if I seen it flying in the air. LOL

Thank you


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