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Jun 7, 2005
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South Carolina
Well it's been about 3-4 months that I've had Leo and he's been a real challenge. When I first got him he was overweight, needed shoeing, and was under a wool blanket of fur! Well I am getting him ready for the show season (4-H) and wanted to know what you guys think? I think he looks a WHOLE LOT BETTER! So just post your thoughts please!









I have been working so hard with him and hes made so much progress. I will be showing him in halter, in-hand trail obstacle, costume, and any other classes we can squeeze into lol. All the pictures were taken by me and the photo frames were added by me. I hope you like them! By the way, he's being gelded in August. He has good bloodlines such as Flying W Farm and some other good ones. Can e-mail you pedigree. I am wanting to be a professional photographer so if any of y'all would like to experiment with me on photos, please contact me (within 150 miles of my home though). Thanks! All of you know (if you've read my other posts you know that I have been working with him and some bad habits lol.) Have fun and please write some posts down on what you think!

He looks so much better!!!!

His head looks almost exactly like my first mini, Eclipse (he is a good boy!).

Have fun showing your boy
You're doing great. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on how the shows go.
[SIZE=14pt]Katie you are doing great with him he looks sooooo much better!!
Still dont think he is a stallion prospect but you will have lots of fun with him at the World Class Show.[/SIZE]

I especially like the last pic with that pretty framing!

Who knew there was such a good looking boy underneath all of that fat and fur! Keep your thoughts comming! Thanks to all who have and will post!
Wow! He is looking real good!! Keep up the great work!!

Much Better! Keep up the good work!

I thought before that he looked like a good friend and a nice boy but I wasn't that impressed with his body, but you actually got me to say "Wow!" with the before and afters.
You've done a great job making the most of what he's got and he really looks wonderful now. Much smoother and better put-together looking. (Is that even a term? LOL)

Nice photography too. Good colors and focus on the head shot.


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