Beach Ride 8/04/08

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Dec 29, 2003
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Palm Beach (Jupiter) Florida
Here's a few pictures of all of us enjoying the beach with our horses-

We just finally took the time to get the permit to ride on the beach up on Hutchinson Island, and it was Wonderful fun! This is most of our show team taking a break from the ring and doing 'brain and trust building' - aka Fun!!! :D

Here's myself and the Wild Sassy horse- She's 18 years young this year- and is still the funnest thing under the sun!


Here's a group shot with most of us in the water- I'm on a different horse here- My boyfriends Big pony Armoni- 16.2 Appendix- and total saint! However, not a fan of water! ;)


Two of my girls on the beach-
The bigger horse is Armoni again, and the smaller is a 13.2 hh POA mare Xena, the super pony!


And one last shot of Alexa on her wonder pony, Goldie, and myself- back on the wild Sassy horse!

You guys went on Sunday or Monday? I was just wondering as I was with a group of people there on Sunday. I didn't take a horse, but was taking pictures for the group I was with. There were alot of people there on Sunday.

Looks like a good time! I did get to ride on the beach once in Crescent City, CA but didn't go into the water like that. I love the helmets too. :D
Wow, we do our beach drive here in the NW but the ocean is a powerful scary cold thing with lots of mist and spray and we really don't go in it much.
I think I like your version better!

Hi Amanda-

We went Monday to avoid the crowds. I always try to go on a week day- otherwise it's far too busy.

However we Did see some sharks feeding on the fish we had stirred up in the water- they were small- but we still left- ;)

We had to plan/check the surf pretty often till we get good 'flat' days- but it's worry it!

Our water may be warm, but you folks have neater things swimming in yours! Though I will keep the dolphins!

Barnbum- I try as hard as I can to give these girls everything- they may not be my flesh, but they are all my little sisters in spirit!!
Technically, there's only to be 16 on the beach at one time but after Sunday I guess no one really follows that rule. Our group called in and reserved a spot and so did people that joined us, but the rest apparently didn't. There were ALOT but most of them didn't show until we were done and having lunch. We saw dolphins but no sharks.

You can check tide charts on the internet and they'll tell you when the low and hight tides are for particular dates. That's what we do.

that looks amazing!! Do you swim them also..we live 2 miles from a State Park and we used to take the big horses down and swim with them...I love the feeling when they are dancing in the water!!! Good for you!!
Gorgeous pictures!! Looks to be so much fun!!

Thanks for sharing..

We do check tides, but the wind makes Such a difference to the wave condition- and that surf makes a big difference to my horses perception of it eating them!

My dad's an old salt, and he loves any excuse to break out all his goofy fish-tech gear to give us the idea of the day-

Thank you for all the compliments- I really really enjoy working with these kids, and trips like these build up a huge trust with the kids and their horses-

Yes we do swim them, though previous to this trip it was only in lakes and ponds that we had availability. It's a nice short term exercise, however you have to be Very careful, it exhausts the horses, and deep mud/sand can easily bow tendons.
I used to live right on Tampa Bay. Boy those were the days. Every now and then we get to take some of the horses to the river and they love it. Looks like great fun and brought back some good old memories for me.
That looks like so much fun! I use to do that all the time as a kid! Now we walk the minis on the beach. Hopefully we can get a drive in this fall.

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