Baxters Lighter Shade of Black

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Jan 24, 2008
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Here are some pics I have taken over the last couple weeks. Hard to get good ones as Im always alone. I am so amazed how much he looks like his sire Black and acts like him. He is one of the most upheaded foals we have ever had born here. Wish I could get one of him with his neck stretched but he wouldnt cooperate lol. Thanks for looking

Being mad and stomping at about a week old


Showing he has his daddy and granddads movement at 2 weeks


I thought this was cute with the girls watching in the background. He has a blue eye so we suspect Black must be hiding Splash

[SIZE=12pt]Gorgeous - I'll say he certainly is high headed. You're going to have fun with him.[/SIZE]

What a handsome young man he is and your pictures are really good.
Kay--he is amazing! Those pictures show his personaility perfectly! And I love his name. What do you call him around the barn?
thanks so much. we have so much fun playing with him. His barn name is "Shade"

We kept going back & forth between this name and Dirty Deeds (ac/dc song) but many said if we decide to sell him people wouldnt like that name? But I really like the barn name Shade.

Hes AMHR futurity nominated

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