Bad news from Billy & Mary Bennett.

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Aug 18, 2003
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I certainly hope Mary doesn't mind that I post this , but the vet called them last evening and told them that he needed them to come into the office that he needed to operate on Angel, thought she had a possible twisted gut ...and that she would not make it at all if he did not operate and the chances were not good if he did operate..So he operated and came out about 15 minutes afterwards and told them she had an absessed liver. So she is gone. I feel so bad for Mary and Billy , they LOVED that horse so much. Please keep them in your prayers. I have not talked to Mary yet...Billy indicated that she was not up to it yet and would call me later. One good thing, Angel did give them a beautiful little filly.

OMG. Poor Mary. And poor Angel. Things dragged out so long......... My prayers are going out to Mary and her husband.

I am so very sorry for there loss
I know. Billy told me. Mary had been giving me daily updates and I've been praying really hard. Poor Mary loved Angel SO much! My heart is aching for them. They all tried very hard, doing everything they could. As Clara said, it was not WNV as Mary was first told by the vet's office. Then they said it was EPM.

I'm hurting for them. May Angel rest in peace, she knew she was loved. And may the filly she left behind thrive and help fill the hole in their hearts.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers coming for your family and Angel..

That is so sad, they tried so hard, my heart goes out to them..

Ginny StP
So sorry to read about Angel. I know you loved her too Clara. She was a beautiful mare and I know Mary was so proud of her. Angel's filly is a wonderful memory of her very much loved mare.
I am so sorry for this outcome, not that they did not try to have it otherwise.

My thoughts are with them,

Liz M.
So sorry to hear about Angel . She was a beautiful mare . And such a sweetheart. I remember the day Mary took her home she was so proud . You gave her a great live in the short time you had with her Mary. (((hugs)))Misty
I am so sorry to hear about Angel, it always hurts so much to lose one. My heart goes out to them, and I will keep them in my prayers. Corinne

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