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capall beag

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May 20, 2005
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York Beach, Maine originally from Ireland!
Just got home!

We went to th Highview show in Acton, ME.

It was great to meet some fellow Maine mini people and Forum members.

Their horses are lovely!

I met Abby, Enchantress and Boinky, and some other friends!

Lots of nice horses BUT I love Enchantresses little buckskin(I think?) stallion, he is SO handsome and a spunky attitude too!!!!

Well Done to all!!!!!!!!!!
How wonderful Fiona! Tell me, no camera right?
Thanks SO much! I'm partial to him but..well..he's mine! lol He certainly thinks he's all that. I had a blast today and my horses all did well. My filly with a new handler came in 1st for the 2 & under, 1st for the open mares and 2nd in the Championship. She's really starting to mature and come into herself. My buckskin stallion was 2nd in the stallions class and 3rd in the championship. My 2 yr old colt (shown by boinky on this forum) was 2nd in the 2 & under class, 4th in the Stallions and 6th in the championship. I think he was showed out after we showed yesterday. And it was SO HOT! We were all drained. Yesterday went well too even in the heat. Judging was...a bit odd (judge didn't have them stand up or check teeth in the class..only walk and trot and she only checked my stallion's teeth in the championship but didn't even check my colts or fillys??? *shrug*), but out of 14 horses in the open mini halter class my stallion came in 1st, the 2 yr old colt was 2nd and my filly was 6th with a jr handler and likewise for the championship and then my 2 yr old colt went back into the open horse colts and fillies and was 3rd in the class and the championship, which seems to be his number... a LOT of 3rd's this year which is great! Was great to meet you and a few other people too. Great bunch of people and I wish I could stand around and talk more but the little begger was SO full of himself! Hope to see some of you again next weekend at ASAM!
It was so nice to meet you Fiona. We had fun and that's what's important. It was an experience I can look at and work on.

I didn't know there were other forum members there. Sorry I didn't meet more of you.

It was so hot and my back does not like it when I try to run
It was Snips first show and she behaved well, I couldn't ask for more.

Next one is next Sat. at the NBarH show in Barrington NH. I'll be busy practicing with Snip this week.


I was the one walking around with the obnoxious buckskin stallion that would not stop talking to EVERYONE. I think you were talking to my friends...the black pinto filly and bay pinto colt that were in your 2 & under class. No one wanted to go in first. I was going to say "hi" but every time I got close Sage decided he was going to talk to your girl and see if she was interested in a "date". :) He definitely needs to get out more.

You are welcome!

By the way all your horses are beautiful! Your filly is lovely, great movement and color and the handler does well with her!!

You pinto stallion is a handsome boy too but I just love your little guy Sage! He has that showy attitude that does well!!


You did great!

Your girl Snip is very pretty, great coloring and a sweet girl!

It was very hot and you know it looks easy until you try doing it!!!!!!!!!!!

I learned that when I tried to clip mine for the first time!!

I am going to try and show one of my mares sometime soon when I have a few hours spare to get her ready!!

Hope to see you all again soon!


Your mini's did you proud!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh no Deb of course I had the camera, just forgot to take it out of my bag!!!

Next time I WILL remember!!!!!!
LOl i'm a bit shy.. i'm not on here..but when actually meeting someone new.. lol i am.. I wanted to say hi but i wasn't sure if it was you. Jen said she thought it was (i was showing Jen's pinto head). boy was i hot, tired, and miserable! I think poor SD was too..he didn't want to do a whole lot! lol. all of the boys seemed very intrested in a "date" with your girl. SD would nicker and get all excited when ever she was near..LOL overall we placed well considering he was just plain down right lazy and not at all into it! lol
ohh yeah.. i'm soo glad you came up to me we'd probably have never met otherwise
How come you didn't bring any of your's

I didn't bring mine because up until 5 minutes before I left I thought I would have my 3 kids for the day, my son just turned 1!! So I knew I couldn't handle a mini too!!

I would love to bring one of mine to the next show even just to have them there and get them used to the whole thing!!!!!!!

I want my girls to get the idea too!!!!!!!! They enjoyed seeing the horses BUT the best part for them was the fried dough! Go figure!!!!!!!!!!!

My little girls were hot and crabby too!!
Im so bummed that I missed the Acton show!! We wnt to the "show " that was on Saturday also and brought a bunch of new kids (to showing and minis) to it. Some of the judging was rather "odd" but despite the heat we had a good day. We were so proud of our mare Brownie!! It was her 1st experience being a show horse, she had been a broodmare her whole life but acted as a show horse for the little girl that showed her. We spent the week training her to do halter, obstical and get a bath and clip which she has never done in her life. See what happens Brownie when you dont give us a baby!! The kids had a great time too. sme ribbons in the showmanship, halter and obstical. Very nice 1st time experience for the kids. I couldnt have done two days in a row!!

I had heard your name as owner of some horses at the WWF show and kinda glanced around to see where you were parked but wasn't sure. I had thought about introducing myself in person finally! Yes the juding was "odd" that day. Jen and I did very well with her mini's 1st/2nd's in the Mini In hand classes but we were like "wait..the judge didn't even LOOK at the horses".. it was odd that she never had us set up to look at them to begin with.. then when you were trotting down and back she'd be like "ok turn now" she didn't have "patience".. i'm not sure so much patience..but you just never had time to set up the horses or do what needed to be done. then the final look she'd have us turn and set up..but it was the right side of the horse that she was looking at with all the mane and stuff.. just ODD.. also another thing she didn't do was check teeth . In the championship class she checked Jen's stud..but not mine or anyone elses i noticed.. weird huh?

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