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Dec 1, 2002
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I may not have 100% accurate information, here, but it is close. I was there for the whole sale.

Lot # 1: No sale (bid of $600/reserve $2000)

#2.: $550 to bidder no. 257

#3: $6,000 to bidder no. 253

#4: $2750 to no. 252

#5: $500 to #602

#6: No sale $600 bid?

#7: (GORGEOUS Arenosa B gelding btw) No Sale, bid of $2000, not sure of reserve

#8: No sale, bid of $300

#9: No sale, bid of $500?

#10: No sale

#11: No sale ($1400 bid)

#12: Substitute $1700 to bidder no. 201

#13 No sale (bid of $400)

#14: No sale, bid of $300

#15: No sale, $900 reserve

#16: No sale, bid of $400

#17: No sale, $900 bid?

#18: No sale, $1000 reserve

#19: No sale, $1000 reserve

#20: $400 to no. 251

#21: $250 (buyer had no number)

#22: No sale, $2500 bid/reserve, not sure which

#23: No sale

#23A: (subbed w/lot no. 12)

#24: No sale, $2000 reserve

#25: $500 to #251

#26: $500

#27: NS

#28: NS

#29: NS

#30: NS

#31: NS

#32: $600

#33: NS $900 bid

#34: NS

#35: $5100.00 to #265

#36: $475 to #215

#37: NS $2000 reserve

#38: NS combined w/lot #28

#39: NS

#40: NS

#41: NS

#42: $475 to no. 257

#43: $2100 to no. 216

#44: $500 to no. 252

#45: NS

#46: NS

#47: NS $400 reserve

#48: NS $1000 reserve

#49: NS

#50: NS $500 reserve

#51: NS $500 reserve

#52: NS $1500 reserve

Again, the link to the auction site is

Liska Auctioneers

Liz M.

That is rather sad to read. I arrived at the grounds during the auction and saw some of the horses lined up to go in. I can't believe the number of no sales!

I wonder why other regions have better luck.......

I think there were a few circumstances that affected this auction, but I will keep my opinions to myself.


Liz M.
[SIZE=14pt]There was one little guy that I thought was cute as a bugs ear but even if I was in the market to buy him I would have been afraid to buy him because his eyes and nose where all crusty and goopy. He didn't look to be in very good health.[/SIZE]

Poor little guy I still think about him.

[SIZE=14pt]He was a no sale.[/SIZE]
Looking at the Premium List for the eyes are open.

Considering the condition of certain horses for sale alone, I'm glad they didn't sell.


I Wanted to comment on the auction. I wasn't there, and didn't get to see any of the horses, or how the auction was ran or anything. If I am wrong in anyway, please correct me. I am not trying to start anything, but am just saying what I have noticed.

I think that they could have done a better job in promoting the sale. This, to me, is one reason why I think there were so many no sales. They had the ad in the world, but it seems to me that they could have had something in journal since it is for AMHA/AMHR horses too.

Also, in reply to Miniv's question as to why other area's auctions do better:

Since this is the first year of the auction, no one really knew what to expect. You didn't know what quality of horses were in the auction. It is really hard to put on a good auction with good quality horses, in the first year. It can be done, but it takes a lot of time, and a lot of promoting in order to get the prices that everyone was expecting out of this sale.

Since it seems to me that NWMHC was having lots of difficulty deciding whether or not to host the AMHR show maybe those who showed in the AMHR classes and had horses in the auction can e-mail or write to the club and tell them their experancies and what could have helped the show to run better. We need to show to them that this was a good idea for at least the show, but they still need to work out the bugs in order to make everyone pleased with the shows. I like the idea of having the two shows, AMHA/AMHR together.

Maybe, if they held the auction away from a show, or earlier in the year, things would be better. I say give it time, as everyone is trying to figure out how to run things the first time around. If they do the auction next year, I feel that they should limit it to horses that have been shown and/or those who are in show condition, good health, and have some training on them. I feel it is a good idea to have an auction for area 8 as we have some of the top performance and halter -horse producing farms here.

Again, just my opinion and observations. Sorry if parts don't make sense, I am a little tired.

I would like to remind everyone that the Northwest Miniature Horse Club was in no way, shape, or form associated with this auction for various reasons.

The auction was it's own seperate entity and was staged by the auction coordinator to coincide with the Central Point Classic show. It was NOT a part of it.
If anyone would like to PM some details it would be appreciated. Thirty seven no sales out of fifty two horses would indicate some major flaws in this operation.
justaboutgeese said:
If anyone would like to PM some details it would be appreciated.  Thirty seven no sales out of fifty two horses would indicate some major flaws in this operation.


I wasn't at the Central Point auction so don't know for sure what was right or wrong about it. Maryann has shared with me some of the conditions of the animals at the auction and that would be part of the problem BUT historically, miniature horse auctions here on the west coast have done extremely poorly. This auction at Central Point was known by people in Wyoming, so the word was out about it.

I recall a number of years ago that there was an auction in Santa Barbara. We consigned a filly there. The auction was well funded and publisized throughout the US. Some of the horses in the auction were consigned by a large farms all over the US. The organizers were well known and slick advertising was plastered just about everywhere that miniature horse folks would read. The organizers had the help of some of the heavy weights throughout the country.

Roughly half of those horses were no sales as well.

I was in on the discussions about that auction's failure. I don't think it was ever done again. I have been to a number of smaller auctions on this side of the country and few, if any have been called a success. Horse prices were low and consigners wouldn't allow their horses to sell for the low bids they would get. Personally, I can only thiink of one farm here that would fetch high prices and add lots of excitement. I kind of doubt that they were involved in the Central Point auction.

I don't think this auction's problems were because of its organization nor its publicity.

I would love to be proven wrong but I feel that the problems are endemic of our region.



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