are all the Oklahomans okay?

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Jan 9, 2004
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Shawnee, Oklahoma
Just checking, we had 70 mph straight line winds and monsoon rain last night and this morning. We lost some shingles and now the roof is leaking. The barn flooded, all of our hay got wet, the wind knocked down power lines, we have tree limbs everywhere, not a good night.

But, we are okay and so are the horses.

Is everybody else okay?

All is fine here in the southeast corner. Surely wish we could get some rain. It has been extremely dry here earlier in the year than usual. We got some rain last Friday (which was a life saver) but certainly need some more. We can do without the high winds though.
Lots of wind, rain, thunder & lightning here. But no damage that I've found. Finally cleared out around 9 a.m. Wonderful cool breeze now! Sure a relief after all the heat we've been having! Lots of standing water. Barn alley way got wet just inside the doors but didnt flood.

I am amazed at this rain on the 4th of July! Usually the grass is dead by now! Sure nice to still see green!

Sorry about your damage! Guess I lucked out this time!

So sorry you had damage, Mary. None here thankfully! I closed up the barns the best I could last night at 10 knowing it was coming in. Fortunately, no damage here. Just a very much needed 1.6" of rain!
I've been busy this morning trying to clean up the messes from the storm. Every towel in my house is soaking wet from trying to catch the roof leaks, I picked up or drug out all the limbs in the pasture and dry (hahaha) lot and found someone that would let me have some dry hay. Mucked out the stalls so maybe they will dry out some today. I locked the horses out of the barn for the day.

Biggest mess is the sea of mud that is everywhere. We needed rain but it was coming down so fast that all it did was run off.

I had to clear the limbs out of the driveway so we could get in and out. The wind was what caused all the damage though.

I am just thankful that we and the horses are okay, the damage can be repaired and the stalls will dry. One of our neighbors house was struck by lightening, they are also okay. I am glad that so far, we are the only ones with damage.

OK here in North East OK! Sorry to hear about your damages. We have lucked out twice in the past couple of days....the "severe" storms and straight line winds just narrowly missing us! We got rain and lightening but the winds not too bad! Linda Mcq
We didn't get anything last night, but did get a little wind this morning, but not much more than normal. We NEED rain as it is so dry around Lawton right now.
I'm sorry for the damage you have Mary.
That was something you didn't need!

We didn't get any damage here. But the North facing windows were open and the downstairs bedroom and bathroom got quite wet before I barreled down the stairs and shut them! It was some storm though!

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