Anyone hire a shipper lately?

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Nov 30, 2002
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I'm just wondering who gave you the best bang for the buck and the best service.

With the cost of diesel, seems its very competitive.

My hay people also said they had to go up on hay this year, not because of cost of seed or fertilizer,

but due to the cost of diesel. I'm thinking of parking my diesel for a while and drive Michaels car.
I have 2 mares and a suckling filly riding in a big mare / foal stall with a divider 1000 miles from AR to VA for $660 (the filly rides for "free") (arrving here around 6/14). Then I have a mare coming 630 miles from ME to VA for $400 (same company (arriving here around 6/16), and they gave me a little bit of a discount).

I'm using Hauled Wright. They get the quotes back very fast and have been quick to answer all my questions (and I mean, answered within an hour usually).

The first company to give me a quote said $2000 for the AR to VA trip that Hauled Wright is doing for $660! So, I don't know that there is a rule of thumb on the cost per mile. In the past as well as this pending trip, my quotes have been all over the board. This is my first time using Hauled Wright but they've come highly recommended. I've used Sharrway many times as well and they do a great job and have reasonable prices.

Our hay prices are up about 15-20%. But, the horses have always been something I use "fun" or "spare" money on so it's not really an issue to me. It's something we've let ourselves have because it's not a stress for us financially in the first place if that makes sense.

I used Hauled Wright

[email protected]

I really looked all around, they had the best prices. The rig was clean and safe, and they kept in touch with me really well. I will use them again, definitely.

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Hauled Wright is the way to go Marty! They are good people that have great prices and you don't have to worry one minute while your horse is with them. They have always been right on time and keep in touch - I HIGHLY recommend them.

We have also used Sharrway and Miniature Ventures with great results. Very good people!!
I've also had Hauled Wright here three times in the past.

Very nice people and hauled in a timely manner.
In the past several weeks, I've used two shippers: Cox Equine Transport to take Peppy from IL to his new home in Maine (for $650) and Hauled Wright to bring out an Arabian mare from NC to us here in IL (for $450). I've also used Ziegler Livestock Transport back in December to bring down an Arabian mare from MN to IL (for $450). I've had great experiences with all of the shippers I've used, including Sharrway last year.
What are you shipping marty???

I used, well the person i sold him to, used Hauled Wright recently and i think they were extremely resonabe and were great to deal with and always promt (normally in a matter of minutes) to return my emails or phone calls.


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