Anyone good at reading X-rays?

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Jun 20, 2011
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New York
I have been looking for a really quiet horse I can get my confidence back on for a while and gave up over the summer. Well a gelding randomly poped up and not what I expected. a 17.0hh Appendix Gelding, first level dressage horse. He is free to a good home as he is having an issue with his left front leg. One vet looked at him and saw Navicular & Arthritis. I took X-rays to a specialist and he said there is no Navicular but he sees arthritis near the canon bone hw wants to see him Thursday. When I look at the x-ray I see what looks similar to ring bone. I want this horse to W/T at some shows so he has to be able to be made sound. I know we have a few vets here, I'd love to email X-rays and see what you think. I won't hold anyone to it I just want opinions.
However... If you want a sound horse I'd probably avoid a horse already showing issues. Some horses are sound even despite issues an X-ray shows, and some horses go unsound on minor things.

Anyone will tell you a "free" horse may not necessarily be free...
I know there is no such thing as a free horse I know I will have to keep him maintained to keep him sound but I am willing to do it if I can get him sound enough to show w/t as a horse this quiet is a very hard find. He's a 17.0hh marshmellow
No experience in x-rays here, but if he is what you are looking for go for it! If you are able to afford him and all the necessary upkeep for a horse with arthritis (?) what should keep you from providing him with a great home? For only walk & trot and trailride, should be fine. My neighbor adopted an older lesson horse with a navicular (moderate) and she is sound and owner rides her at w/t.
hmmmmmm oK Here's the thing: I am a firm believer in supplements for artheritism would encourage it and it would not bother me and have also seen wonders for navicular issues if he has it by natural barefoot trimming, however getting the right trimmer who is clever enough for this horse will take a lot of searching. That being said, if this were going to be a horse for me to just knock around on I'd say go for it. But if I planned on him being reliable for shows, I think I would have to pass. I would get more opinions on the x rays before I'd make a firm decision either way. Call these guys. The best in the world.

Email them here:

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