Anyone ever get kicked?

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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
I've always been afriad of getting kicked by a horse. Its always been a fear of mine. Then i got coco and he got rid of all those fears bc he wouldnt kick me if his life depended on it (exept after a bath when he goes insane). So does it really hurt to get kicked by a mini? My dad claims that it hurts but not like 'omg take me to the emergency room' bad. Anyone know.
Yes, I have been kicked. Only really when my mare was in heat and there was a stallion around. Its a shocker, it doesn't really hurt, unless they kick you hard in places that are sensitive (shins). My brother was kicked by my gelding accidently when they were playing. It left a nice hoof print bruise on his back
I got a full blown kick once by someone else's mare
She meant to kick at a horse but kicked both of us instead.

It defintelly stings, hurts a couple of miniutes, just left a brooze but not a very bad one. But luckly I got kicked in the leg, I'm sure anywhere else it would hurt!
Too many times to count. Big horses and little. Especially the littles! I usually have a nice tiny hoof mark somewhere on my person.
a mini can definately break a bone if the kick is in the right place. I remember last summer i took in a bunch of rescues that had barely been handled. The older mare kicked me right on the top of both legs. I had one perfect hoof mark on each leg and alot of swelling and bruising. Normally i can see a kick coming and avoid it. Whenever you see a horse shift its hind end with its rump turned to you --you can be sure a kick is coming.

Also you can tell when a horse is going to rear as they always put their head down and then come up on the back legs
Well.......not to want to scare you , but Yes, of course they can!!! These are HORSES we are talking about. A Mini kicking out and catching you will hurt but not injure, an Mini meaning to kick you, Yes, it could break a bone. They bite hard too
Yes they can defintelly break a bone if hit in the right places. Luckly for me I have alot of padding (ahem "fat") on my leg. LOL
i've been bit more times then i care to think of. Just never been kicked.

Well.......not to want to scare you , but Yes, of course they can!!! These are HORSES we are talking about.
Dont worry ..your not going to scare me at all
i've been bit more times then i care to think of. Just never been kicked.

Well.......not to want to scare you , but Yes, of course they can!!! These are HORSES we are talking about.
Dont worry ..your not going to scare me at all
Baby Chrissy was my "kicky baby"......but she has never kicked me. When she has tried in the past many times I knew it was coming and caught her leg in my hand and held it and would not give it back. The joke was on her.

I got kicked once in my life by a thoroughbred. I went flying through the air literally from one end of my barn to the other breaking an arm and collar bone and shattering a knee.

To answer your question if kicked by a mini in the right place you can probably get something broken by the impact.

Yes it most definately hurts.
Add me to the list! Been kicked in the back of the knee, thigh, face by a baby having fun, I just forgot to get out of the way! LOL In the stomach too. Been bit on the arm, thigh and lips, that one did hurt a little but thank heavens she didn't bite me very hard!
Break bones? YOUBETCHA! I have a broken left ring finger, top knuckle side. Lemme tell hurts. Not the horse fault this time, the baby colt just turned to run off and play and kicked up his little heels and connected with my hand. You just have to be careful. Not many kick in aggression, mostly it's our stupidity that gets us hurt.
I haven't been kicked very badly over the years, but I've learned to always let our horses know I was there and I stick closely behind them as I move around. The more room they have to extend their leg(s) the harder the kick.

Frankly, our horses are not kickers, so it's not something that happens much.

I was kicked at my first show (the county fair in 2002) by a mini mare in heat. An unfamiliar gelding got too close to her and she let fly, catching my knee.

I was kicked one time in the side of the leg by a young filly who I was helping control while her hooves were being trimmed.

I was kicked in the leg by my own gelding (stallion at the time) while I was leading him to the arena. He saw a mare in heat, then another stallion in a nearby field. He sidekicked me leaving a nice black buise.

I narrowly, and I do mean NARROWLY, missed being kicked in the head one time. I was helping load a mare into a trailer and she was refusing. In her frustration, she kicked out with both hind legs. As a reflex, I step to the side and raised my arm. Her cannon bone hit my forearm, leaving her hoof mere inches from my face. I'm about 5'4" so you can just imagine how high that kick was.

My friend was kicked one time while giving her filly a bath for the first time ever. She got it right in the knee.

That same friend also got kicked again in the knee this last year by my gelding (stallion at the time) right after his first show.

Plus I'm sure there have been numerous other knicks and scratches between the both of us that were so minor we have forgotten.

Depending on where you get kicked, yes it hurts. Minis might be little, but they can do some damage as far as causing pain and breaking bones. Those back legs can let loose at a moments notice and are quicker than lightning. You best bet is to keep a close eye out and prevent a situation where a horse might kick.

Yep been kicked, both times by miniatures, I was lucky so far and haven't been kicked by a full-size horse. Once was by a mini stallion and once by a mini filly. Both times left a heck of a bruise. Hurt after the shock of I just got kicked
More of a stinging feeling. Both times were in the legs I would hate to ever catch one in the head or face.......
l was kicked in the kidney area a few years back by a mare 2 days before she foaled and l thought l was dead it hurt so much and did have to see my doctor. All l did was go in to give her her flake and was walking away and she let me have it l was also alone at the time and l remember having to crawl halfway back to the house because of the pain l guess the mare was in a witchy mood that morning but both our dogs were having a good time with me on the ground. My husband wasn't kicked but dragged down the field and back up by another mare he refused to let go he said as that would teach her she could do it all the time and he had to go in for cuts on his arms and neck and about 14 stitches to his shoulder because of the rocks and bush she dragged him through that time. Minis are pretty strong no matter how much people don't want to hear that and can really cause pain to a body and l would certainly think break bones also.
I have been kicked 2x both by minis.

One of my big horses once threatened to kick me when I was tacking him up and I laid into him w/ my bare hands which meant nadda to him. The next time, I had a crop and he looked over his shoulder then kind of tried to kick me but slow like he truly wanted to see "what's she gonna do about this?" and I let him have it. Since then, I'd just show him that I had a crop and he never again tried to kick me.

With my minis, once Morningstar kicked me when I was halter breaking her. She was maybe 2mos old and she got me in the shin. I just had taken the lesson on too long and she was frustrated. It hurt, but not bad.

The other time was the morning after Khaki came home from the hospital from having colic surgery. I broke one of my big rules which is do not mess with horses when they are eating (let that be their time). I was just standing behind Khaki baby talking her and telling her how I thought she was going to die and I was so happy she was home. Little witch kicked me. It also didn't hurt because I was up so close to her. It is when you are a distance from the horse that kicking can hurt because they get up a lot of force behind the kick, but not if you are up close. So, the next time she ate, I did the same thing. I was surprised the first time and didn't really get the chance to teach her but I did the second time. Colic surgery survivor or not, she can't kick people.

Harvey was kicked about 6 weeks ago when feeding the horses by one of our mares, Goldie. Goldie, we think (right Kim?) can have crabby days. So far, she's only been sweet and good to me and I have over the years tried to see if she would offer to kick me and so far, never. But she got Harvey good and he actually STILL has a knot on his shin from her kicking him.
As with everything there is a risk, Miniature Horses included. The rule is to always play it safe and practice your horse sense, a lot of times it can be avoided. A high tolerance for pain doesn't hurt either -- Now me? I've been kicked, bit and reared on top of by horses of all sizes.

I was kicked flat out in the chest by a 16.2 hh. TB/QH mare who was owned by a friend of mine, she was handling the horse and I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when she lost control of her mare. Talk about one huge solid bruise.
If I had to base a statement on my own minis I would say they never kick. But after attending a few shows and a few sales I have seen more than a few take aim and let fly. Mine just do not seem to have it in their nature to kick and for that I am thankful. Two of mine were a bit nippy when I first got them but they got over that in a hurry. I have been around many many horses over the years that would kick and learned to stay close so they could not get a good swing at you.

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