Anyone ever get discouraged trying to sell a horse?

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Aug 31, 2007
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I know its only been a few months, but it seems like forever since I've started trying to sell one of my horses. You know you put so many ads up and eventually you don't wan't to put any more up, you think, What's the use? What is the longest time it's ever taken you to sell a horse and what's the shortest time? I like my horse, I really do, its just that there's so many things I need to buy with the money and I have another horse I spend all my time with. Anyone else ever get like that?
Don't give up. Try all of the saleboards.
Be sure to have lots of very good pictures.

Good Luck
Yep. And the constant pictures. Pictures from last week aren't current enough for them or so forth. And the over and over talk with training and such. You think they would read the ad in the first place. Then after a few emails, they say they aren't interested. Takes time and with the market so slow, it'll take more time. Don't give up. What really discouraged me is I would get someone I would think is really interested and a great home. They were suppose to come out and see her and they never show and never email again. That gets discouraging, but I did find a home for her. Took me months! I've only sold one horse becuase its so hard. Prefer to keep them.
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Shortest time.. 2 weeks.. longest... never sold. Average 1 year because I tend to have high end animals....and I want to find just the right buyer. I have turned down a lot of people.

The Market is not good for sellers right now. There are a lot of horses all over the country needing homes and the transport costs sure do not help.

If you haven't already.. you might try Dream Horse and Horsetopia online classifieds.
So far, once I've resolved to sell a horse, it's sold quickly and I don't think ever longer than 1 month and I don't have any horses that aren't quality.

What I do is before I adveritise, I make sure I have ALL the conformations shots including profile, bite, legs. I also have plenty of casual shots.

A couple times, I've put a horse on my own sales page figuring I will get serious and advertise in "a few weeks" after I've gotten my pictures all lined up and sure enough... a couple days after I added the horse to my sales page, I've gotten inquiries and then scramble to get the pics taken.

Another thing I've learned in my actual business (ie my day job) is don't appear desperate. Even if you really want to do a sale (or get a new client), be calm and cool about it and it's more likely to happen.

I really have to credit Lil Beginnings with my ability to sell horses quickly so far. I've been running banner ads on this site monthly for a couple years and do really think it pays off. Also, I think the help I've had with a logo that people now recognize has been another factor. These things I think have helped build my "brand" as it were.

Good luck!
Well, I had a horse on the market for a while and I took a gamble on Craig's list. Not very glamouros but I sold her to a very nice lady whose husband is a farrier and it has worked out rather well. Just a thought.

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