Any nutrionist here ( human that is )

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Aug 17, 2005
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North Carolina
I was just diagnosed yesterday and I'm shocked to say the very least . Being adopted , I only have medical history for my birth mother's side , and there's no one in that family that has had it . I don't have any medical info from bio - fathers side of the family .

So if there are any nutritionist here or other diabetics that can share with me their diets , I would be very grateful .... I'm really clueless about where sugars hide .... and my doctor feels I can control this with diet and exercise.

Feel free to pm me if you don't want share publicly .
This link helps you break down the contents and glycemic index (among other things) of foods (just for starters):

Nutrition Data

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I was a gestational diabetic, I had to say away from too much fruit it has natural sugars, bread, starch are a few of the things I remember off the top of my head.
Watch fruit, milk, sugar, alcohol.

Check out that link, the glycemic index is important, for instance, Peas, Corn, and Carrots are high in sugars, white pasta is terrible, as is most rice. I do find that I am able to eat basmati rice with little problem, and it is wonderful. No more pop.

Oh, one zinger I learned the hard way, bar b que sauce is terribly high in sugar, as is ketchup.
You -really- need to try to see a nutritionist in your area. They'll do wonders to help you understand.

I was anther gestational diabetic, pretty much borderline (my Dr. said I "barely" failed the tests). I had to watch not only what I ate, but how much.

It broke down to watching carbs, really. I was assigned X many units per meal, and each unit consisted of 15g of fiber. Milk was a no no for me- shot my blood sugars right up! Fruits and such are better then carbs- it's the simple sugars vs the complex- but still have to be watched. I was to eat smaller portions, and was allowed 2 snacks a day (after breakfast, and after lunch).

Eggs, some veggies, cereals, enriched white flour products, a lot of condiments and commerically made drinks- they were all hidden carb (and sugar) wells. I ended up eating a lot of peanut butter toast- partially because for some reason craved it all the time.

It's a heck of a change!

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