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Stacy Score

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Dec 16, 2002
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This is Mountain Meadows Tyme Keeper - she was the filly who finally arrived after 6 boys from my Million Dollar Mare (Deja Vu, aka "Sami) who has had a colic surgery, broken pelvis, c-section and a breach . Needless to say when she finally had a girl there was NO WAY she was going to be sold - Keeper is the dam of the pretty filly that Black Thunder is buying, Keepsake (a Baylee daughter)
Well, you pretty much already know how much I like this girl! Her daughter, Reflections, is perfect! Like mother like daughter I'd say.

Poor Deja...I didn't know she had had so many trials in her life. Wow, she must have one heck of a will to survive! I like to think that can be passed down the line to her get.

Love all the pictures. Congratulations on learning how to post them!

Va Lynda Ann
VaLynda - don't feel toooo sorry for Deja (Sami) she is probably THE MOST spoiled miniature on the planet -- my husband swears that we can talk to each other after all we have been thru together - she is my baby and is a mad as a hornet at me that I haven't bred her the last couple of years (she will even still let her 2 year old filly nurse from her
). Pretty much gives me an evil glare when she is in season and I don't bring her a stallion and then stomps off with her funny little walk with her ears pinned back at me - it is a riot to watch because it is soooo obvious what she is saying. I keep telling her that I am not breeding her for her own safety - but she DEFINITELY has other plans!
Perfect name for her! Her mom sounds like a riot to have around.

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