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Nov 30, 2002
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Oklahoma City, OK
Does anyone here have experience with a very dark silver, one that appears black at first shedding in early summer, if kept out of the sun? Do they stay that dark or does the black/silver color lighten like the silvers do that are out in sun?

We have 2 black/silver mares that people mistake for black this time of year, but they lighten as summer goes on. I've never kept one of those in the barn in day time for several months to see what the color would do. It's pretty dramatic right now with the white mane and tail.

My silver black seems to work the other way. He gets darker in the summer time. I'm assuming from the sun but don't know. I don't try to keep him inside. In the winter he lightens up and as a yearling looked nearly white.
They change, in or out. Yeah, I were hoping

Have one now that is the tannish gray winter hair, shedding out and looks almost black, but she's a full dapple when shed. Spring very dark with white spots, then extremely light, then back to almost black with dapples.

When I bought her, she was dark.......took her to trainer and went back about a month later. Asked him "who's mare is that one? I like her and she's little" Glad you like her, she's yours!

Didn't even recognize my own horse.
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My mare last year when I body clipped her she looked like you stretched black spider web over her. this year her dark color (around the light dapples) has more of a brownish tinge to it. Who knows?
My Dad actually asked today what happened to Melody because she looks black now:BigGrin He asked what she got into lol
She has turned VERY dark in a short period of time. I like it
Hey Charlotte,

Superstar is so dark he's almost black. He looks pretty cool right now with the dark body, white mane and tail (with the ocean blue eyes!).

We've never had a horse this color, but he seems to keep getting darker.

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