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Dec 16, 2002
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I just got off the AMHR show results site where I discovered my gelding did not do as well as I thought at a show. If you've been given a ribbon and had your placings announced at the show can that be later changed? This was his first show and I was really excited to get a Reserve Grand champion placing, but now AMHR says it ain't so. Not sure, I may have even taped it. Is there anything I can do? In my experience if they announce the wrong placings they correct it right away at the show and you don't get to keep the ribbon.
It may have just been a mis-entry by either an AMHR office person or the show secretary. You should call the AMHR office and ask them to double check with that show secretary as you know how it was announced at the show and you have a Reserve Champion Ribbon in your posession.

There have been mistakes made in the past with winning points for other horses, so you should double check. It also may not hurt to call the show secretary as well.

yeah, these kind of things happen all the time, I would do what Miniv has already said

Had this happen to us last year. One stallion listed as a mare and wrong places on a horse and one left out all together. Just call them and they will help get it straighted out.
I just had to have one fixed as well. Horse went to the show, won his class, went Grand Champion Jr Gelding and when the show results were posted he wasn't even on there as having been shown. This was a show I needed to qualify him for Nationals so I called AMHR and they checked it out and what had happened was the show manager put the wrong exhibitor number with his registration number so they didn't list him at all. He got nothing. Well once she saw that and saw that we had everything correct she fixed it on the show records.

So call AMHR and have them recheck the actual results from the show.

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