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Dec 17, 2002
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Anyone out there ever go?

What do they usually do?

When and Where is it and is there any information about it online? I can't seem to find any, that could just be me though!

Have a good day and hope to meet as many of you at Nationals as I can.

Lynda Wallis

Moondance Horse Farm
[SIZE=14pt]Lynda, Convention is held in November and the location rotates. I think it is in the mid west this year Nebraska or Wisconsin I think it was in Michigan last year. Usually is the first or second weekend. There should be an announcement about it in the Journal.If you have something to present and cant go get a hold of your area director and send it with them.[/SIZE]

Well Lynn, you're close. Convention was in Milwaukee, WI last year and will be in Grand Rapids, MI this year. Next year is Reno, NV.

I highly reccommend going to convention if you own an AMHR/ASPC equine. Even if you don't show, this is where "it" happens--you have the opportunity to vote on a wide variety of issues affecting you and your horse. It's too late to get proposals in for this year, but by all means come on over and vote!! You also get see/meet all the people who run this organization, plus have a LOT of fun. The Trainer Auction is a BLAST.

See you there!
[SIZE=14pt]Thanks Pam.... must have been my senior form of dislexia kicking in![/SIZE]


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