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Aug 18, 2003
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I added some info. in the Color Enhancing topic so wanted to add this here since it was two different things.

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Interesting! I went to my first AMHA show a few weeks ago to watch the driving classes and saw what I considered excessive whipping on horse after all the driving classes were done for the day. I assume she wanted to school him or take out her frustration on him. Even the people from the hunter/jumper rings were turning their heads at the sound of all the whipping. Also saw the sliding stops from the same person...what exactly is the purpose of that?
Sounds like there have been some examples of abuse and I would suspect that a 'sliding stop' is because the driver has just cranked down on the reins so hard that the horse had no choice but to do one... no need to yank on one's mouth that hard. If you do, sounds like more training is needed and the horse doesnt belong in the show ring yet. (and the handler is not as much a horseman/woman as they think they are) JMO
Laurie, the sliding stops are being done puposely by Roadster drivers. It looks dangerous to me and must be uncomfortable to the horse!

Glad to see that rule change!
This was meant to go with that^^^^^stupid computer.

The sliding stop came from a certain horse at Worlds that was doing them. He was a multi Champ that year (heck, every year!), so I guess people wanted to copy him and instead of TRAINING their horses to do it they forced them.
I have an extremly light grade stallion I drive for FUN!! We do driven soccer with a very light weight chariot. All I have to do is say "whoa" and pick up the reins and he will round up like a GH reining horse and leave perfect 11s. No abuse as there is a breeching to stop the forward momentum. I love my light horse!
I was always wondering how them legs got sooo black! My buckskins and bays all have dark brown legs, manes/tails... not pitch black.

It looks good black!

Look at my bay roan in pic, not dark at all and I hated it.
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YAY to the checking of the leg coloring! I was beginning to think I was the only one noticing that there has been little "enhancing" and a LOT of color changing.
I don't like it either, and always thought it should not be allowed especially in the color classes. Also it smells awful and makes me gag when I walk by someone that is doing it or just done it.

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