Alaska-Here I Come!

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Aug 19, 2003
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I leave for my cruise tomorrow morning @ 10am, I will be gone until next Sunday! I'm SO excited! All of my bags are packed, ready and waiting at Mike's. I work tonight 6-10 and then I'm OFF!!!!
I can't believe it's finally here!
How exciting! It's always been a dream of mine to go to Alaska. Have a great trip, take lots of pics and please post when you get back.
Enjoy your trip Lisa!!! It would be an adventure of a lifetime for anyone...let alone someone so young. ENJOY!!!
Have a great trip! My hubby is in Homer, right now, so wave hello if you get up that far.

He says the weather has been pretty good lately.
Hope it stays so.

My sister lives in Alaska, so I see alot of photos from up there, it's so beautiful. Have a wonderful trip. I hope you post pictures when you come back.
Have a great time!! My brother went on a cruise up there and took some wonderful pictures. He said it was very breathtaking.
We went the first week of July on the Sapphire Princess and it was fabulous. On the down side, I gained 10 lbs, my cholesterol went way up and my blood pressure went up.

Couple weeks of regular life afterwards and everything was back to normal. You will have a great time. We can compare notes when you get back.

I LOVE Alaska! I worked on a music video years ago and we ended up shooting on Columbia Glacier in January.

I've never experienced cold like that before, nor have I ever experienced such beauty.

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