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Awkward Artsy

Jan 31, 2020
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Middle TN
I have a mini who has been on a grazing muzzle for a couple months now. He would go out in the day and come in to a stall at night. He has always been happy to put his nose in the muzzle because he figured out pretty quickly that muzzle = turnout/food.

In the last week he been getting aggressive over me putting the muzzle on. Shaking his head up and down, pinning his ears and the like. Pretty much making it difficult for me to put the muzzle on quickly in the mornings. I thought of his teeth which he is due for in Nov but I wanted to get others opinions. Could this attitude be because of the cooling weather? Or maybe he is just excited and wants me to hurry up? The halter/muzzle is not rubbing him in any way.
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May 3, 2017
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Is your grass slowing down now? Possibly he's not getting as much and he's not as impressed with getting it on? I have muzzles on most of mine and almost all of them put them right on but I have a few that need a bribe. You might try dropping a small slice of apple or carrot in the muzzle before you put it on to get him happier about it again? It normally takes one or two days before they're pushing their face into the muzzle for their treat. Absolutely you want to try to make sure nothing is hurting him but this might make both your lives easier in the meantime.

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