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Nov 30, 2002
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Is anyone riding these shetlands that I keep seeing?

I have not seen a show bill so I don't know, but I would hope that it would be full of riding classes for the shetlands. What great youth horses for a kid to get started on!

Besides having miscellaneous ponies, and a welch, I also loved and promoted the POA as a great youth mount. If I still had a stable full of kids running everywhere, I would have most definately been buying up some modern shetlands for them to ride in the shows.

My little ponies were trained to do anything a big horse could. I would hope that the shetlands I see being bred are being used to their full capacity other than being a "lead 'em and feed 'em" pony. They are stunning!
Come on down to Texas, Marty! We have been having HUGE youth riding classes lately thanks to youth camp in the Bandera area that has been supporting our ASPC shows. The mare in my avater I plan to break to ride this winter - she'll mature to be a good 42"-44", with the body to handle a rider (not like a lot of these small boned shetlands that are winning), and I'm a lean 5'4" (120lbs). I'm hoping to be able to find a youth to ride her next year.
my minis do it all.. i have no shetlands tho..

my little couson rides them(jumping & western ect.) i drive them, jump them, halter & do tricks..

it all what you chose!

kyle rides patches all the time. usually with no saddle or bridle LOL. hes never shown in riding because show saddles cost a fortune!! all we have is a old old saddle that wouldnt be appropriate for showing. You think show halters are exspensive wow just look what a saddle costs
[SIZE=14pt]Our Area 1 show had riding classes for the shetlands.[/SIZE]


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