_minihorses4ever_ ACTUALLY we dont look half bad!

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Charlie Horse got a bath today, took his bot eggs off and wormed him too. We dont have bots around here thank goodness, they all hang out at the neibors!

After the bath Charlie and Rodeo got to graze by the creek (Rodeo had helpped with the bath)



Then for laughs I tried Molly's english saddle on Charlie when he was dry and it actually fits him - I was supprised.


Then for more laughs I sat on him while he was tied - and my mom took pictures. Again I was supprised because I dont look as funny on him as I thought I would & he didnt mind a bit, cant wait to start teaching him to ride he will be such a wonderful kids pony.



At least my feet dont go all the way to the ground
LOL, YEAH! Y'all look very um.. intresting?

Okay I admitt, you both don't look that bad.. **cough cough**

Great pics, thanks for sharing!!

No really, you look pretty good
, but what I want to see, is you posting on him.. Mwhahaha you will look even taller!
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Your doing great with him Nicole, for a pony that hasn't been worked with much and you are already putting a saddle on and sitting on him and he just stands there! He seems very quiet and gentle, he will make a great pony for someone when your done training him! Great job!!
He cleans up good Nic, he really does. Don't worry about what you look like. You are plenty thin and lightweight to be riding him. Get that boy broke to death now for kids and you've got yourself a winner. Way to go kid.
He's such a pretty boy, he must feel so much better after that bath! You guys don't look half bad together LOL!
Your little "Charlie Horse" is a good looking boy.

Surely this wasn't the first time anyone had been on him???

Sounds like he is pretty calm, I bet he'll be fun to work with
No, this isnt the first time he has had a rider, people have sat on him bareback but he doesnt have a clue what you want him to do when your on him, thats what I will be working on
He is smart, calm, and very willing to please, shouldnt take him long to catch on to what ridding is all about, I hope to get him to be able to take a couple trail rides before next summer too yet and get him to ground drive so he will have driving potential.
Get yourself a nice little pad saddle for him- you'll find it a lot better than the saddle- it's far too big and sits up at the pommel and down at the cantle, also it's too far forward on him. He looks wonderful though, once you have a bit of weight and condition on him he will really bloom for you. Looks like he's taking babysitting seriously too!! He'll be a great buddy for Image and lots of fun for you, too. Looks like a Welsh/Shettie X- or maybe straight Welsh- they make great kids ponies- people are going to line up for him when you are ready to let him go- you've certainly got a good eye for a bargain!!

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