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Jan 2, 2003
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I received an email from Cindy Moss today and she wanted me to post this update.

Our group ( a rescue committee formed from Northeast Miniature Horse Club members and other interested parties) went as far as we could with the court. The MSPCA was not helpful, in fact we believe they are to blame for the current status of the horses. The judge was sympathetic, but could not find a legal precedent for removing the horses (considered property in MA) from the accused couple when they had not yet been proven guilty -- compelling testimony, eyewitness accounts, and graphic pictures not withstanding. This was as of the last hearing on 7/8. A pretrial date was set for August 12. In the meantime, the accused couple still has full control of the horses. We understand that many of them have been removed from the property and given, by the owners, to supposedly knowledgeable horse people for foster care. We have also heard that many have been sold. It is clear to all of us here that any place that is NOT the farm in question, has to be a better place for these horses.

We do have some pro bono legal help, an attorney who is willing to act as an advocate for the animals in court, but there is nothing to be done until the next hearing.

I would like to thank everyone who has offered suggestions of people and organizations to call. I have followed up as much as possible. And I am also grateful for offers to foster and/or adopt these horses. Unfortunately right now, there are no horses in our control. When and if the time comes, I will have Ginny post the information here.

The original 15 privately rescued horses (which included Jimmy and the since deceased Spirit) could use some help however. The selfless people who purchased these 15 most needy horses back in April still have a long way to go with their rehab. They have received some donations of product, and veterinary care, but very little in the way of cash or feed. I know they would be grateful for any help. Here, again, is the bank where an account has been set up:

Checks can be made payable to : Rescued Mini Horses


49 Church Street

Whitinsville, MA 01588

We plan to be present in court on August 12, and any future dates as well, and we will keep pushing the media to keep pressure on the court. We will keep this forum updated with our progress. Thank you all once again for your ongoing interest and support.

Cindy Moses

Northeast Miniature Horse Club


I urge any of you that can, please donate to help these horses.

Ginny StP
I got an email yesterday from the group and the only thing that occurred is another date set in Oct for more pretrial hearings. UGH He still has only 8 or so minis on the property. They are keeping as close an eye on it as possible.

Here is the latest:

Hello everyone. The hearing last Friday (August 12) was such a non-event, that I wanted to try to speak to the DA and get his take on it before updating all of you.

There is really no new information unfortunately. The DA and the accused couple's attorney exchanged some information (prospective witnesses, testimony, etc.) then appeared before the judge and set another pre-trial hearing for October 6. The couple are still claiming to have eight or so horses on the property, and it is rumored that many of the horses they gave to other people to care for have been sold. They were still huffing and puffing about being wrongly persecuted, and threatening to sue the accusing witnesses. And there was another death that can be confirmed. A young foal who had been rescued with its dam died during our last heat spell despite heroic efforts from the people who were caring for her.

We are still committed to this process despite the frustrating circumstances, and we thank you all for your continuing support. Some of the original (April) group of rescued horses may soon be ready for adoption, and I will keep you updated on those details as well. In the meantime, donations of money, services and feed and equipment are still needed and greatly appreciated. You can email me for details if you have supplies, etc to donate, and the account for cash donations (please make checks payable to Rescued Mini Horses) has been set up at:


49 Church Street

Whitinsville, MA 01588

Thank you again.

Cindy Moses, Rescue Committee Chair

Northeast Miniature Horse Club
Back in mid to late June my dad took a load of cattle down to New Holland, PA to the sale barn. He was there on a monday which is also horse sale day. He was just telling me about the group of miniature horses that was at the sale that would have been a perfect match for these MA horses. Most were very skinny and many had large hair mats hanging from them> He thought there might have been about 20. He said some of them looked to be very good quality horses if they were in better shape. There were a few people in with them that were really checking them out and taking notes. He guessed they were dealers.


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