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Nov 30, 2002
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I hope someone can help. I have a show this weekend and must get them clipped! I put the blade on and push it to clip, the blade will move for a second then not stay clamped down. I've tried putting the blade on while running it slow and turned off with the same results. I hope I'm making sense, it's kinda hard to describe....... please can anyone help!
I was having a similar problem with the cheap blades, had to push them down hard, or maybe that little black plastic piece is worn out?
I've had that problem with a blade. Figured it was getting a little dull and pulled on the hair resulting in it popping off. Well, not really off just enough back to not work. The blade was an inexpensive one. Possibly it was not balanced correctly at the fatory. Not much you can do except get it sharpened or a new blade.

Ginny StP
I had that happen once. the little 'c' shaped hook thingy that holds the baldes down was broken off. Just the tip of it. I had to have them repaired. I hope this isn't your problem with the show coming up.

You might try changing the lever.......the black wiggly thing.

Good luck

Hopefully Im wrong, but I had to send mine in to get fixed. Mine was the silver thingy that the blades attaches to before clipping it down. It need a new one. I would be clipping and the blade would just pop up. I have found though as others have said the cheap blades arent as good as the good ones and seem to be harder on the clippers. Now I only use the oyster blades and the andes(sp?)
Thanks everyone.... I still can't get them working
The little "C" clamp isn't broken off ...... it' either the lever or the metal piece holding the blade.

You probably need a new "lever" (it's what holds your blade on) and if your blade hasn't been sharpen in a while the tension on the blade maybe off. You can't adjust the tension it has to be done by the person that sharpens your blades.

Most feed stores and farm supplies will sell clipper blades (Oster, Wahl, Andis) that are clip on blades. Look in the yellow pages of your local phone book under dog groomers and most blade sharpening companies are listed there.

Good Luck

Karen Shaw

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Burleson Texas
I had a similar problem with a new clipper. Seems I was putting the blade in upside down.
I definitely felt like a dunce!!! Called the company and had them walk me through putting it in right. If nothing's broken could this be the problem?

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